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Tasogaredoki – Izumi Reiji

In Izumi’s route, they’re not dating just yet. Wakako is jealous that they’re getting along nowadays. Shizuka claims that they’re just fighting buddies, or should I say more like bickering buddies. In his route, I made Shizuka eat the red candy in the prologue. It seems that the only difference was that this time her wings turned red? I don’t really see the relevance in the routes, but I guess it will change in Tobiura’s route? He still catches her when she falls from the sky. However, the difference in his route is that he gets jealous and ask what she’s doing with Tobiura before putting her down. It seems that to him, it looks like they’re getting along. Therefore, he suspects if they were with each other during spring break. She tells him he’s misunderstanding; she was being teased by him. However, he still mumbles how she still shouldn’t be with him.

School has started, and Shizuka finds him. It so happens that he’s going to his Kyudo club. The other club members suggest that Shizuka go visit their club, so maybe they can get a new member. Shizuka is interested in how Izumi is in his club, so decides to go watch. The senpai members of the Kyudo club make her wear a uniform, so she can give it a try. They leave the two alone since they suspect something gong on between the two. One of the juniors that invited her teaches her. However, it’s a bit hard to teach her with words, so he tries to help her by hand. Izumi doesn’t like how he’s having skinship with her, so shoves the dude. He tells him that he’ll teach him instead. Shizuka teases Izumi if he did that out of jealousy, so he admits. Then, he teases her back if that’s what she wished for him to say. When Izumi makes a shot at the target, he shoots it right on target. Just when she praises him that he might actually be cool, he blushes and misses the target. (*´ω`*)

Shizuka causes trouble again, and is lectured by Hibiya. Hibiya is always serious, which makes her wanna tease him even more. She grabs on to his arm, which makes him feel nervous. She asks him to forgive her, but tells her that such plan won’t work on him while stuttering. He eventually forgives her, so she’ll let go of him. However, it seems that Izumi was watching the whole thing. It turns out he was talking to a senpai from his club. When he finished, he saw Shizuka with Hibiya, witnessing the whole thing; Izumi gets jealous. Izumi looks at her with a sad face, and ask if she likes older guys. awww (*´・д・`*) Izumi gives her four choices, a yandere, delinquent, dog-ish dude, and a boring serious dude, who she wold choose. I don’t remember if there were choices for this, but I chose Tohno. He calls out to Shizuka after school; his speech is kinda odd. Izumi’s speech is kinda rough, resembling someone… That’s cute… (´ー`*) Then, the real thing comes…Tohno. It seems that he was copying because of the answer to his question, so Shizuka tells her she like him the way he is. There’s this sweet atmosphere around them.

Tadogare_012Shizuka visits the infirmary, so Yurajou treats her wound from fighting with Tohno. Meanwhile, Izumi comes in with a fever. He asks for some medication as he lay in bed. However, Yurajou can’t find any, so he goes out to buy some. Izumi tells Shizuka not to come close to him, or she’ll catch it. As he coughs, his fox ears and tail appears. ฅ^._.^ฅ  She wants to touch him, but refuses her to do so. When Shizuka is just about to give up, he gives her permission to touch him because she says she’ll go ask Yurajou instead.

Tasogare_015During the culture festival, Izumi’s class had a shitsuji cafe booth. He was actually more on the behind the scenes role, but serves for Shizuka only. (*`꒳´*) There, he asks her if she would like to look around with him since his shift is almost done. At the end of the festival, he tells her that it was the best culture festival he ever had since he used to think it was stupid. However, he had Shizuka this year. They finally officially confess to each other. One day, Izumi comes to the second year’s floor. Shizuka is surprised to see him since he appeared just when she was thinking about him. Izumi blushes and is all happy. What happened to all your “tsun” Izumi? (´ω`*)

Izumi finds out how Shizuka isn’t feeling well recently. He knows about her condition when she has excess power. He her a 札(spiritual charm). It’s suppose to fully recover one’s self (youkai). However, it is said that it gives off an opposite effect to humans. Shizuka uses it, and faints. She’s lying down in the infirmary, and Izumi & Hisoka are talking. Hisoka mention that he’s troubled to see that he had done something to Shizuka, like using a weird spiritual charm on her. Izumi denies since he was simply trying to make Shizuka feel better. Izumi is suspicious because the charm should work for youkais. Hisoka suggest that it was defective. He doesn’t like Izumi’s expression since it was as if he realized something he didn’t need to “realize.” Apparently, Izumi used his powers to examine spiritual powers and found out that her power is closer to Hibiya’s rather an a full youkai’s power. Therefore, he asks if Hisoka knows something. Izumi claims that he has the right to know because he’s her boyfriend. If something happens to her, he will also be able to protect her. Hisoka admits that she is in fact a former human. He admitted in case Izumi tries telling Shizuka about it. Hisoka warns Izumi not to mention it if he wants her to “stay on this side.” He finds it troublesome that Izumi found out, but suggest Izumi can help prevent Shizuka from being drawn into the human world. He tells him that he’ll leave the rest to him, so she will be a full ayakashi even though she still rejects it deep inside. Hisoka suggest that he can just forget what he said, but refuses. Hisoka warns Izumi that if he ever tries to let Shizuka escape, he’ll kill him.

Shizuka eventually wakes up, but Izumi is kinda spaced out. During dinner break, the cafeteria is packed with people. Tohno asks to sit at where Shizuka is sitting without noticing she’s sitting there. Then, she kinda picks up a fight with him. Tohno notices that she’s being cranky these days. Meanwhile, Izumi bumps into Tohno, so he bickers at him. Shizuka asks Izumi if he wants to eat lunch together, but rejects her offer with an excuse. Shizuka is cranky these days because Izumi has been avoiding her. Shizuka sees Izumi, but he avoids her once again. Therefore, Shizuka suspects that he got bored of her. He tells her that, that’s not true, but… and hugs her.

Tasogare_017Meanwhile, Shizuka is not the only one that noticed Izumi’s change in action. As of Wakako, she tells Shizuka to break up with Izumi and choose her. On the other hand, Yurajou sees the way Izumi is avoiding her because he’s been watching her… (´-_ゝ-`) He tells her to choose him instead of Izumi since he knows she’s not happy. Izumi comes barging in saying that he’s not going to hand her over to Yuajou. Yurajou says it was just a joke; he leaves the two alone, so they can make up. Izumi hugs her saying that he was stupid. He’s been thinking, and he decides to deceive her for life. He asks Shizuka…”What would you if there is something I’m hiding, that should be told…” Nevertheless, Shizuka is okay with it as long as he’s not cheating on her something like that. It appears that Izumi hasn’t been able to face Shizuka properly because of the secret he has discovered from Hisoka. Therefore, he has been avoiding her. I like how Tohno notices how they have made up. Nevertheless, they go back to fighting each other. Izumi comes in the scene, and soon Tohno ends up getting  lectured by Hibiya. Same same, the two go to the infirmary, the end ending with some randy scenes.

Other Ends

  • Taming the Fox: Shizuka tells Izumi to take out his ears (fox ears). She tries to ask him cutely, and claims how unfair she is since he can’t just brush her off. Therefore, he gets back at her by biting her ears and kisses her. They basically bite each others ears, and kiss in this ending.
  • Tasogare_023Fight Over You: Yurajou tells her to choose him. In the first end when Yurajou told Shizuka to choose him, she rejects him. In this end, Shizuka would tell Yurajou that she will think about it. Therefore, he gives her some time to straighten her thoughts. Shizuka is alone during dinner break, so Yurajou asks if he can eat with her. Izumi sees this, and joins them. She asks Izumi if he’s not eating with his club friends since he was using that excuse when he was avoiding her. Izumi always eats the same thing bc the meal has his favorites, so Shizuka tells him to eat something different for a change. Yurajou agrees to Shizuka. He also adds that he should might as well just die from lack of nutrients. (*・ω・*) Izumi is all happy, looking at his dinner. Yurajou teases him that he put poison inside his food, but he’s only kidding. I actually found this likely to happen since he did poison Tohno. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Yurajou takes Izumi’s fave and gives him a piece of advice; he shouldn’t let others take it so easily if he really cares bout it. If he’s too slow, he’ll eat it in place of Izumi. However, Izumi doesn’t give in either. Shizuka feels that this is getting ridiculous knowing that they’re actually referring to Shizuka and not Izumi’s fave dish.

Izumi was such a cutie…(*´∀`*) I was like 萌え~ most of the time. I’m a sucker for tsundere especially because he was those cute ones. When he is dere, he is dere dere toward Shizuka. Like always, I like how Tohno notices a lot of things about Shizuka. This is another reason why I like Tohno, but his route…aha. I actually like Yurajou when his personality changes 180° when it comes to Shizuka. Ofc, I wouldn’t want to be Shizuka’s place, but it’s entertaining as an observer. I would have preferred Izumi’s route to be ambiguous like Yurajou’s route since it made me think that it wouldn’t be right to deceive her for life, but at least he knows that it’s something he shouldn’t do so. ╮(-▽-)╭

Ahhhh I’m like so behind. (ι´Д`)ノ I was suppose to post this up in the beginning of this week. I did say I was free this week, but I guess I wasn’t so free after all. (´・д・`) I have a poll on the side bar on what I should play next, so feel free to vote. It only takes two clicks, click one of the choices → click vote. If your choice isn’t there, click on the choice called “other” and vote. Then, comment the title of the game, and I’ll consider it as one of the additional choices. If someone already suggested the game in the”other” choice, comment anyways so I can count how many votes there are for that game. The deadline is until I finish Tasogaredoki. I still have like 5 more routes, so there’s still plenty of time. However, I’ll still try to post these posts as soon as possible.


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