Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki – Yurajou Keigo

In Yurajou’s case, they’re already couples since fall. Apparently, they live together with him and his family since she doesn’t. That’s just weird, but his family likes her, so I guess it’s all good. ┐(´∇`)┌ Like in Tohno’s route, the new semester starts. Keigo is happy that they’re in the same class since he was worried. Wakako has this bad aura around her since they’re all lovey dovey in front of her. She’s okay since she’s happy, but still jealous. Shizuka ask her not to glare at him, but he’s fine with it. He says it’s understandable since he’ll probably feel the same way if a guy was to take Shizuka away. It would only be normal for wanting to kill that person. (・д・)

Tasogare_024After school, they arrive home. It seems that no one else is home, but them. They’re all lovey dovey at the entrance. However, Yurajou’s brother interrupt them, and tells them  to do it in the room at least. The two are preparing dinner since his parents are out. Yurajou tells her she doesn’t have to force herself with household chores, but wants to help out or she’ll be like a freeloader. He doesn’t want her to think that way since she’ practically family already. Yurajou even says that he wants to get married, so she won’t have to worry about these things. He says it’s weird that they live together, but they’re not married. Shizuka is a bit troubled since they’re students, but they can graduate anytime if they want. It’s just that they have been in the school for more than three years already, so Yurajou is worried that they don’t know when  that day will come as long as they are students. (*´・д・`*) First of all, they only dated less than a year. Obviously that’s too fast (・д・) Anyways, she says that she’s not a customer, so she’ll help prepare dinner.

Yurajou agrees, and says she’s family. Just when she says that, it was as if she remembered something. She questions herself, “I don’t have a family right?” However, she just brushes it off. It turns out the kids were watching them. They tell Shizuka and Keigo that they should get married already. The older brothers come and tease them as well. Shizuka asks if he wants to get married and have kids that fast. It’s not that he wants something official, just wants to be with her forever. He wants to have kids with her, so she can never run away from him. Everyone’s expression…  ( ゚д゚)・・・

Tasogare_026At home (Yurajou’s), she had no plans during the weekend, so she goes to Yurajou’s room. It seems that the kids are out, and she has no chores either. He hides something when she comes in, so she finds him suspicious. Yurajou is too obvious, but doesn’t force him. Instead, she finds a book behind the bookshelf. He warns her that Izumi may have put a spell on it. Apparently, it’s an album of him and Izumi. Shizuka is looking through the album thinking they’re so cute; the spell triggers. When she wakes up, Izumi is there. He was called bc everyone was worried about her, and it was his spell after all. One of the kids point out that she has dirt and grass on her. She was warped into the past where she finds chibi Yurajou and Izumi. Yurajou gets a towel in his desk drawer. I don’t keep towels in my drawer… I have no idea why he would keep towels in his drawer, but… ._. Something drops out of his drawer. It turns out the thing that Yurajou was hiding from Shizuka was her picture. … (-_-)

This other day Yurajou’s brother gets lost, and this guy helps him find Yurajou. Yurajou’s little bro is thankful since he wasn’t scared thanks to him. The dude tells the little bro to be careful not to get lost again. He’s glad that little bro was able to find his big bro. Then, he starts saying weird things about how a brother is someone that might disappear from you. The little bro that had a big smile thanking the dude turned into a ( ゚-゚), scaring him. Such a weirdo. I would be scared if I was the little bro too.

Remember what Tohno said in his route? Yurajou and Hisoka can talk about this one topic forever? They were talking about how cute Shizuka is, but Yurajou warns him that he won’t hand him over. Hisoka doesn’t mind as long as he hangs on to her. This is a bit different from Tohno’s route since Hisoka didn’t want her to end up with Tohno. He also says that Shizuka belongs to him anyways since he knows her more than anyone. There’s this cold heavy atmosphere.

Tasogare_027The day of the culture festival, there’s this play. It turns out that the heroine can’t make it, so Shizuka takes her place for one of her shifts. During the play, Yurajou gets really jealous. Normally, he’s a nice dude, but all of a sudden he would say strange things when comes to Shizuka. He apologizes to Shizuka at the school nurse’s office. Yurajou tells her that he keeps getting selfish and greedy. He was satisfied just watching her and being in the same room at first.  However, now he keeps thinking that its not enough anymore; he wants even more. The fireworks start, Yurajou asks if she’s interested in fireworks. He even gets jealous of the fireworks… (ಠ_ಠ) They get all randy in the school nurse office’s beds. cough cough I don’t think that’s what they’re for…It’s actually weird that the school nurse is NEVER there. Yurajou is like the helper, but it’s not like he’s the school nurse uhhh…someone isn’t doing their job. Well, I guess it’s a typical situation in games and manga, but don’t think it’s like that in real life or that’s pretty messed up. aha Yurajou claims that he’s not a disciplined dog, so he wants Shizuka, his master, to discipline him. He says she can do anything to him; she can put a collar, leash on him, anything since he’s her dog.

Tasogare_029Shizuka isn’t feeling good, so she faints in the hallway. Yurajou finds her, and takes her to the nurse’s office. When she wakes up, she finds Yurajou in those doctor’s coat and glasses. Shizuka thinks he has some hobby of cosplaying. He explains to her that she always gets random fevers bc of her excessive amount of spiritual power, so he was examining her. However, he’s not a doctor, but his dad told him that it’s best if he gets in shape first (as in dressing up like one). He has a stethoscope, (the thing all doctors have around their neck to listen to patient’s heartbeat), but it’s hard to use on top of her clothes. Therefore, he puts his hand in her shirt to examine her. (ಠ_ಠ) Now, he tells her to pull up her shirt, so it will be easier for him. He’s saying things like he can hear her heartbeat and it’s thumping a lot. Shizuka is starting think he is doing it on purpose… Same here… (ಠ_ಠ) 

Same thing happens with Yurajou. Hisoka pounces on Shizuka. Yurajou barges in; his personality changes 180° as well. When his personality changes, he talks in a deeper voice too. aha Yurajou wants to kill Hisoka for what he did. The two are about to fight, but Shizuka stops them. She says she’ll forget this ever happened, and reject Hisoka. Hisoka even thinks it’s a bit weird that she’s letting him off for what he did… I know right 0_0 Slap him. ( ゚д゚)ノ☆( #)д`) Shizuka tells Hisoka that she’ll always be by his side. I guess something made Hisoka accept it since he mumbles, “That means you’ll always be on this side…” He laughs it off, and says it was just a joke. (ಠ_ಠ) When Hisoka leaves, Yurajou tries to chase him, but is stopped by Shizuka.

Tasogare_030He hugs her real tight bc he’s damn worried~ He says that she has no fault, but feels like he might do something  terrible to her…(ಠ_ಠ) (ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)…Shizuka then tells him that’s fine and hug him. NO! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻Yurajou says as her dog, he may not have a right to say this…He kisses her and tells her not to allow anyone but him to do such things to her.

The next day, Yurajou is still angry at Hisoka. Shizuka tells her that he’s just a friend, etc. Hisoka agrees to what she says; she’s not cute, no pheromone, and not a girl to him. SUREEE DUDEE ヾ(-д-;)ぉぃぉぃ Now, Shizuka wants to kill him (・∀・)グヘヘヘ APPARENTLY, Yurajou finds this unfair, not because he wants to kill Hisoka instead. He finds it unfair that Hisoka gets to be killed by Shizuka. He “claims” that he’s the only one she can kill…(´・_ゝ・`) お、おう… In conclusion, Shizuka tells them both to die. Tohno comes in thinking the conversation they’re having is stupid. Shizuka asks him help, but just says she must have it hard bc of the two idiots. This is one of the reasons why I liked Tohno. He doesn’t tease her like how Tobiura and Izumi probably will in this situation. Tohno gets it, but the sequel ruined his route, so yep that sucks. (ಠ_ಠ) However, Yurajou suspects him if he’s also trying to hit on her. SIGH…I wish he did if he was still the Tohno from the prequel…so she can go run to him. ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ

Tasogare_037Later, Tohno and Shizuka is fighting. In comes Yurajou to stop the fight. He notices that Tohno is hurt too; he insists that he treats Tohno. He looks at the wound, and takes out some anti-bacterial stuff to clean it. Well, well… the anti-bacterial cleanser turned out to be poison. ( ゚д゚) After, Yurajou takes Shizuka to the nurse’s office to treat her wounds. He licks her scraped knee…She tells him to stop, but tells her it’s her fault for making him worry… This other day, Shizuka and Yurajou is sitting on the porch in the backyard. They’re like all lovey dovey with each other. Shizuka asks some interesting questions toward Yurajou. Yurajou tells her that he like her a lot. She asks if he would still like her if she’s human. .__. Very sudden… Anyways, Yurajou tells her that he would still like her, no matter what she may be because she’s Shizuka.

Other Ends

  • Tasogare_038Your dog only: Shizuka is in front of a pet store, looking at this one dog. An employee insist that she comes in and play with him. Coincidentally, Yurajou passes by the pet store and sees Shizuka. He rushes in and gets jealous AGAIN… He looks at her as if she cheated on him. He tells her how shocked he is to see her kissing another dog. She tells him that she was just playing with the dog, but whines that he’s her only dog. Later at the store, he puts a leash on her as well, saying that it looks good on her… (ಠ_ಠ)
  • Amongst the family: After dinner, the big bros are worried that Shizuka might not be fully comfortable living with them yet. Shizuka tells them that she likes the house, so they feel relieved. The second oldest bro suggest they do something thrilling. Therefore, he licks her cheek, and hurry comes Yurajou; he’s furious. Yurajou warns his bros not to put their hands on Shizuka, or he won’t let them off even if they’re family. Despite the fact that his eldest bro didn’t do anything, he’s blamed as well. The bro that licked her is like, “Run!”. The kids join as well, and they all play together.

(ಠ_ಠ)… I’ve noticed I’ve been using this facial expression a lot in this route. Well, I actually don’t really remember much about him in the last game. I definitely don’t remember him being so “yan” in yandere. I knew that he would change 180° when it comes to Shizuka, however, I found it annoying when he poisoned Tohno. I was also kinda annoyed when Shizuka just let him do what he wants like the time when he said she makes him want to do something terrible to her. I would slap him…(ಠ_ಠ) Especially when he put a leash on her, omg, I would beat him up. (=゚Д゚=) ahaha. I’m starting to think the randy scenes are too much as well. I hear myself thinking, “Again!?” Too much for my little head. (・へ・ ) haha It’s not like I can’t handle it, but I just don’t find it romantic. OH WELL.
Next up is a tsundere (。・ω・。) I find Shizuka and him very alike~


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