Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki – Tohno Atsurou

He’s a second year and a delinquent student, also, likes animals. He doesn’t like bullying the weak, but fights with Shizuka because well…she’s pretty strong since her spiritual powers are real strong. Therefore, he thinks of her as an equal, so they’re fighting buddies.

He confessed to her last fall, but Shizuka rejected him. However, he still hasn’t given up. It’s a new semester at school, same class as Wakako, but also Tohno. It’s homeroom, the teacher is bored bc the class is always filled with the same faces; there’s no freshness. In this school, youkais don’t graduate in 3 years like normal high schoolers in Japan. Therefore, every year, students can choose which year they wanna be placed in. As for Shizuka, she’s been a second year for quite a while. Therefore, the teacher decides to give the students a seat change. Normally, they sit according to roll call, but decides to to change their seats by lottery, making sure they sit next to someone they never sat next to yet. It happens that Tohno & Shizuka get the seats next to each other. She shows this expression as if she really hates it, but not really.

Tasogare_002One rainy night on their way to school, Shizuka and this other dude Hisoka is walking to school. Remember Tobiura? The youkai that flies ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ブーン. Well, he sneaks from behind to scare Shizuka, which makes her drop her school bag in a puddle. Tobiura feels bad, so cleans it with his powers. In class, Shizuka opens her book, but the pages are blank. Therefore, the teacher tells Tohno to share his book with her since he sits right next to her. Ofc, it was Tobiura’s doing. (ಠ_ಠ) Shizuka tries to turn the page, so both of their hands touch. They both blush, and Shizuka apologizes. He tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize and tells her that he’ll turn the page since it’s his book. Then, he asks where the teacher is explaining, and their fingers touch this time. This time Tohno apologizes, so she asks him why he’s apologizing when he just said not to apologize. Suddenly, he takes her hand and says it’s small compared to his manly hands. She gets embarrassed, so she kicks him. There’s this other time when he said her tongue is pretty too…o_o Was he always such a pervert? ahaha I had this impression that he was my favorite from the prequel, but I don’t think so anymore. He’s so awkward ahaha If Shizuka didn’t have any feelings for him, it would be hella creepy.Well, even if I was her, I would kick him out of his creepiness rather than from embarrassment. He tells her that he just thought her are small and different from his hands. She calls his actions sexual harassment. Yes indeed, this is sexual harassment if Shizuka really didn’t like him. This leads to a kick fight, and they get in trouble from the teacher.

Tasogare_040One day, Shizuka sees this leaf floating around in the middle of the hall. When she touches it, she turns into a cat. It turns out this was Izumi’s doing in order to prank his childhood friend, Yurajou. He calls her a fool for falling into a trap that wasn’t even for her. Apparently, he thought it would be funny if a dog turns into a cat since Yurajou is a youkai dog. Izumi uses his power to understand Shizuka’s meow meow language. ฅ^._.^ฅ He tries to get back at her for the time when he turned into his nine-tailed fox form because was all petting him like some cute animal. Since Tohno likes animals, even he wanted to pet Izumi. Before he does, she’s annoyed, so scratches him and leaves.

Tasogare_003She goes to the school backyard, seen by Tohno in her cat form. He notices that she’s not around from here. Well, duh since she’s not actually a cat and also bc he takes care of the wild cats that come to school. She thinks he’s such an otome for a delinquent. He tells her to come, but tries to leave so he catches her. She’s all abusive to him because she’s normally like that with him anyways. However since she’s a cat, she starts caving in when he pets her throat. (Dogs and cats love those). Tohno also tries to give her milk, but obviously rejects his offer since as a person, licking from a bowl is… instead, he feeds her with his finger.She realizes how embarrassing it is, and bites him. Therefore, he picks her up, and start rambling on how the cat resembles Shizuka. The cat is small, but strong-willed just just like her. Well, ofc since is her after all. She turns back when he’s still holding her. He’s all suprised, “Where the hell did you come from!?” Shizuka tells him to put her down, but he actually wants to stay this way a bit more; he wants to feel her… PERV!!!

They are preparing for the culture festival, Shizuka goes to the store to buy some materials since they ran out. There, she meets Tohno. He talks about how he was working with Hisoka and Yurajou, but all they do is talk. She’s surprised since well, Hisoka is understandable, but usually Yurajou is diligent. He tells her that both get along, and can talk about this one topic forever. It’s pretty obvious what they talk about right? (*´∀`*) Tohno mentions that sometimes he joins in the conversation, but it’s not something to blabber about anyways. Also, at the end of their conversation, they end up fighting. Shizuka is kinda red bc she suspects that they might be talking about her.

Tohno follows her around the store like a stalker. He tries to carry her stuff, but gets turned down. Then, he asks if she likes stuffed animal bc he assumed girls usually like those, but she doesn’t really. He was gonna buy it for her if she did. Aha awkward.. He wanted to do something that would make her happy, but it’s not working at all. (´・д・`) He feels that even though if they met out of coincidence, it’s like a date. Ummm no…\(^0^)/ Shizuka doesn’t understand what he’s trying to do. However, he doesn’t know either bc he never felt like this about a girl. He doesn’t know how he should act. He was never really  interested in relationships. Nevertheless, he plans to take care of her when he does find someone. That’s Shizuka, but she’s the first that he liked, so he doesn’t know how.

Shizuka has been feeling ill recently. Tohno worries and carries her to the school’s nurse’s office. The reason why she’s feeling ill is because she has too much power in herself. This is also part of the reason why she’s known as a troublemaker. She usually uses her power teasing Hibiya and fighting with Tohno in order to maintain herself.

Tasogare_039One afterschool, Hisoka pushes Shizuka down on a desk in the classroom. He gets all creeper on her saying that he wants to lock her up so that no one can see her, but him. This way, she won’t be able to run away. He asks what would she do if he says that he likes her. However, Shizuka only thinks of him as a friend. He claims that she really knows how to make a person feel all messed up. She says that he’s not human, but a youkai. This is kind of odd right? Shizuka is an ayakashi, but speaks as if it’s weird to like a youkai even though she is one. Hisoka says, “I know. I’m an ayakashi that you dislike. However, it should be the same for him (referring to Tohno). I could have given up if it’s Hibiya, but if it’s Tohno…” Anyways, he bites her ears, and ask if she’s scared. Shizuka is clueless to why he’s doing this. Well, eventually, he tells that he was just joking. However, he’s still planning to prevent Shizuka and Tohno from develop any more feelings for each other, especially Shizuka. Apparently, Shikibu called Tohno to come to the classroom. So, Shikibu’s plan is to show this situation to him. He questions that she doesn’t plan to date Tohno no matter much he confesses to her. She agrees, but even still, she wants to see him. At this point, actually since the beginning of the game, she had feelings for him. However, there was this one issue that was keeping her from accepting his feelings. She felt like something was off, as if they shouldn’t belong together. Hisoka tells her that he wants to help her. He says they’re friends, so he’ll help her when she she’s in trouble. He even suggest that if showing their situation off isn’t enough, he can kill him for her. (ಠ_ಠ) umm…Well, Shizuka pushes him away bc he’s being such a creep. REJECTED (*・ω・*) b

Tasogare_004Hisoka’s plan fails; Shizuka admits her feelings for Tohno to him. Therefore, he actually brings them together instead. m9 (*・д・*) It turns out that Tohno was listening to their conversation. Tohno is super angry that Hisoka pounced on her. After Hisoka leaves, he hugs her tightly. Shizuka admits her feelings for him, but knowing that shes super duper tsundere, she triggers a fight instead. Tohno wants her to say how she feels again, but she claims that he already knows her feelings. However, he wants to hear it again because he likes her. Plus, he confessed to her countless times. She tells him how ridiculous it is for saying things like that while fighting her. Does she notice that this goes for her too? haha Shizuka calls hims stupid and inconsiderate, but likes him anyhow. Tohno isn’t satisfied, but wants to hear more. Eventually they cool down, but also realize how ridiculous they BOTH are.

Tasogare_008One day, Shizuka is on the way to meet up with Tohno to go on a date. However, she doesn’t feel good, so passes out. When she wakes up, she finds this dude with her. It seems that he helped her. He thanks him for his help. They chit-chat a bit, but Shizuka remembers she was suppose to meet Tohno; She rushes to meet him. It seems that he was worried since she wasn’t coming, so he was looking for her. She’s happy to see him, and hugs him tightly. This is surprising since she’s a tsun, so doing this in public… (*´ω`*) haha She realizes how embarrassing this situation is, and tries to break loose. Tohno is so happy that he won’t let go, and is causing a scene. Shizuka steps on his feet, but he still doesn’t let go. I guess he’s so happy that it must have numbed his senses. ┐(゚~゚)┌ ヤレヤレ~ aha He realizes that he forgot that he didn’t ask her the reason she was late. Shizuka tells him what happened. Tohno gets all worried, so he takes her to the school nurse’s office in the princess hold.  Remember how I mentioned she gets ill bc she has too much power. There are other ways she can relieve this other than teasing Hibiya and fighting with Tohno at school. Another youkai can relieve her overload of power by a kiss (drain her power out). However, this triggers the mood into a randy one. (*´д`)

Other Ends

  • Fighting Buddies End:
    Instead of ending all romantic, they end up fighting.
  • Cat’s Blessings:
    Shizuka and Tohno are in the school backyard with a lot of cats. He suspects that Shizuka doesn’t think it fits him for having so many cats with him. She did call him “otome” a few times in the game for a delinquent. He’s just like a dude that came from some kind of shoujo manga (delinquent taking care of a wild/abandoned cat). He mentions he liked when she got turned into a cat since she was cute. They kinda go back to the stuff that happened. They start getting all romantic, but the cats are watching. Shizuka is embarrassed, but Tohno says they are blessing their relationship, so it’s  fine.

    I guess in this game, there isn’t really a bad end? So far, I completed three character routes 100%. It’s more like they either have a randy ending or not; it either fades out with a bed scene or not. One word…AWKWARD. I played the prequel about a year ago? Apparently, I don’t really remember anything since I thought Tohno was my favorite ahah. This is why I played his route first. However, half way in the route, I’m like why did I even think that. He has his charms, but it’s like why are you SOOO awkward? Were you always like this? I found the other two routes more enjoyable bc they weren’t awkward at least. Also, I found his route least involved with the “truth” behind this game than the other two as well. I have five more routes to go (8 character routes in total), which I didn’t start yet. I’m hoping I can post up the other two routes soon since I just need to type them out.


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