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Butterfly Lip & Butterfly Gloss – February & March B’s LOG Info.

Butterfly Lip Package Illustration
Butterfly Lip Package Illustration

I decided to combine the February & March info. on Dousei Kareshi series since there wasn’t much for February. In the February issue, they released one of the CGs of Ichinose Kei (boyfriend) for Butterfly Lip. Other information included were about the drama CDs that are going to come with the game. Also, they released some info. on the Butterfly Gloss.

Butterfly Lip Limited Edition Package Illustration

In the March issue, they released the limited edition package illustration. Also, it consisted information on the heroine character design, system, and a CG for Himeno (the other dude) this time.

Kanzaki Hina, the girl on the left is the heroine of Butterfly Lip. ※ Sorry if I got her name wrong because under her Japanese character name, FOR SOME REASON (I’m assuming it’s a typo), it says Ichinose Kei. Obviously her name isn’t Ichinose Kei because that’s the boyfriend’s name. I guess they messed up bc his picture is right next to her name? (´・д・`) ahaha Well, this wouldn’t matter since you can change her name. I always keep the default name, so…it might be a little problem. Oh well, I’m pretty sure her name will be cleared out after the game comes out. Anyways, she’s an energetic and outgoing 21 year old college student. I actually thought she was going to be more of the quiet type since the short story made it sound like she was those shy types of girls. I guess not~

The heroine meets Kei, who wants to be an actor, in a club in college. They start dating, and eventually Kei moves into her place. They fight at times, but still live peacefully. However, when job hunting season came for college students, they notice that their values are different from each other…

As of system, you’ll get various choices to customize your game system, such as wide screen, effects, cursor options, shortcuts, and etc. I don’t know what wide screen means though. The choices are like full size, letter box, side cut, and none. Probably something to with the game window? I guess I’ll have to try those out when I play. (゚ω゚) In the title screen when you start the game, the dudes will welcome you. There will also be various types of title screens.

I'll reveal the cast for Butterfly Gloss at the end of the post~
I’ll reveal the cast for Butterfly Gloss at the end of the post~

This month’s issue, one of Himeno’s CG was released. He comes to the college to visit the club when he finds time from work, wearing a suit. Kei’s CG on the bottom of the page was released in last month’s issue. The two were alone at night, and Kei pushes her down. Trying to get all randy eh? (*´д`*)アハァ? He has this somewhat of a sad expression, saying, “What happens if I continue further?” Σ(゚д゚(゚д゚(゚Д゚

I’m actually looking forward to this game despite that I’ll probably be in pain playing this. ※I am not a masochist (ಠ_ಠ) aha I like the art too. I would be happier if the theme wasn’t if the heroine chooses to cheat on her bf or not. Like I feel for Himeno senpai that his crush was taken by his kouhai. I like his CG too. (Despite the fact that I kinda have trauma with Hirakawa Daisuke…) Still…cheating is a no no… (´・д・`) Also… Is it just me? I found Kei’s CG kinda creepy(?), like I get this yandere vibe from him. haha

I probably won’t be able to play this game for a while though. The game is suppose to be out on the 29th of March. Right now, I’m still working on Tasogaredoki. I played a couple of routes already, but haven’t started typing up the reviews. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna post them up as I play the routes. Also, I already decided what I’m going to play after Tasogaredoki. I’m probably not going to change my mind about the next game since I was originally going to play it before Tasogaredoki.

Cast for Butterfly Gloss:

dousei2 new2
On the left, we have Kohsaki Chisa. He’s going to be voiced by Hino Satoshi. Kohsaki is the boyfriend in Butterfly Gloss. He’s younger than the heroine, but always say what he thinks with no hesitation. He’s not too friendly, bad-mouthed, but cares about the heroine. So, he’s probably the tsundere type. On the right, we have Iseya Arata. He’s going to be voiced by Shimono Hiro. Iseya is the other dude. Iseya and the heroine has known each other since middle school. he’s like a big brother to her. They even know each other’s first love, and the number of people they dated. They know a lot about one another, they have that kind of relationship. Basically, they’re like “best buds.” I think?

I have a feeling that I’m gonna be in a lot of pain while I play this series… It’s like I feel for the boyfriend. However, I feel for the other dudes as well. Like I don’t know how the Himeno guy feel about the heroine. I didn’t read his short story, and I don’t know what triggered his feelings toward her and stuff. However, in Iseya’s character description, it says that he’s a big brother type. It’s like omg does this mean it’s an unrequited love?  I’m a sucker for those…Meanwhile, there’s Kohsaki, the heroine’s bf. Since he’s a tsundere, I think he just can’t express his feelings well, but really cares about her. I would probably be like, whyyyy would you cheat on himmm. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Also, I like both Hinnochi and Shimonu, so it’s a real heartbreaker (>_<。) In conclusion, it’s the heroine’s fault! haha Rawrr… I’m like getting all emotional as I type this ahaha. Well, I’ll just have to see when I play them. Can’t wait ><


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Lip & Butterfly Gloss – February & March B’s LOG Info.

  1. Hmm… Now… This is hard… Tsundere or Osananajimi aka Hino or Shimono? I hope Hirotan uses a slightly deeper voice, because you know… He’s supposed to be older, right? 8D

    I can’t wait to hear the voice samples… They will decide on whether I’m getting this game or not. xD


    1. Actually, I’m not too sure. On B’s log, it just said that they’ve known each other since middle school, and she thinks of him like a big brother. I think they might be the same age, but not sure.

      Well, I don’t know if I’m going to play Rouge yet. However, I plan to play Gloss since the character descriptions got to me. Also, I like both seiyuus for Gloss. I might even be more excited for it than Lip. I kind of have a trauma from Hirakawa Daisuke orz. The trauma is fading away, but I haven’t recovered just yet. ahaha


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