Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

黄昏時~怪談ロマンス~ (Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~)

This is a sequel of 逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~ (Oumagatoki ~Kaidan Romance~). Oumagatoki means, “when youkai and spirits may be encountered.” I was thinking of playing a different game, but I was really looking forward to this sequel. So…I decided to play this game since I don’t think it’ll be too long anyways. I think? ┐(‘~`;)┌ Each of the characters have their own charm (-1 character or maybe -2?) ε-(‐ω‐;) haha. I won’t reveal who they are just yet. Well, who knows? They may be better in the sequel?

Tasogaredoki is basically about high schoolers living a normal school life….Nope. I lied. !? ∑(・ω・ノ)ノ It may be a normal school life for a 妖怪/妖 (youkai/ayakashi), supernatural creatures that are in Japanese folklores. During the day time, regular human attend the school. However, during the night time, the youkais use the school as a place of learning. In this sequel, the game starts where the heroine, Suzue Shizuka is spending her spring break with her friend, Nashibatake Wakako. Wakako is a youkai that can stretch her neck, and even able to take her head off… ( ゚д゚)・・・ Even the heroine thinks it’s horror.

In the evening, they meet Tobiura Moegi. He’s a youkai that can fly. ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ブーン… Apparently, he went shopping to buy something that can intrigue him since he was bored or something. He tells Shizuka that she has good timing, and has something for her. He takes out a jar of candy? Well, something that looks like it. Of course, she feels suspicious from his action, knowing his personality. Even Wakako feels suspicious, so she tells her not to listen to him. Tobiura tells her not to say useless things, and takes her head away. Regardless, Wakako tells Shizuka not to worry about her, and insists that she ignores him. However, he threatens Shizuka that he won’t return her head until she accepts his gift, so she does. Here, you can choose either a red or black candy-like substance, but I don’t know the difference at this point. (´ー`)フッ Anyways, as soon as Shizuka eats one, Tobiura throws Wakako’s head. This makes Wakako’s body chase after her had, which leaves the two alone.

Tobiura covers her mouth to make sure she doesn’t spit it out. It turns out that the candy makes her grow wings, so the two take a stroll in the sky. Soon, Shizuka notice that her wing is disappearing… 工エエェェ(´д`)ェェエエ工工 Tobiura tells her that he”ll give her another if she look him in the eye and ask him politely. Unlike typical heroines, she’s strong-willed. Therefore, she tries to fly down the ground to get back on feet before she falls…doesn’t make it. Luckily, this junior at her school saves her since she was falling from the sky. He caught her by the princess hold (?) ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Nice catch (。・Д・。)b According to Tobiura, he was planning to catch Aya like 0.00000000001 second before she hits the ground. Eventually, Wakako finds Shizuka. Then, the route actually starts. Honestly, I didn’t really see the point of this opening common route since not all characters appeared, but oh well I had some laughs here and there. (・∀・)ニヤニヤ

The game is a sequel of Oumagatoki, the route where Shizuka didn’t end up with a guy yet. Therefore, the game will have the guy characters having some kind of feelings toward the heroine from the prequel. The two may have feelings for each other, but not to the point that they start dating. Thus, this is where this sequel starts. The game will most likely not contain anything, but daily romance between the heroine and the guy. However, there will be some issues that were revealed in the previous game. I’ll reveal those in the reviews since that’ll probably be part of the storyline of this sequel. Also, there will be new characters with routes that did not have routes in the previous game. As of order, the reviews will probably? slowly uncover the truth/issues behind the plot of the game. (。・Д・。)ノシ

Brief Description on the characters:

    • Shikibu Hisoka: Shizuka’s classmate and her prank buddy. Known as a “troublemaker” as a set with Shizuka.
    • Hibiya Kyougoku: Third year and president of the discipline committee, always being teased by Shizuka & Shikibu. He used to be human, but was drawn into the Oumagatoki world when he was dying since he had a strong sense of spiritual power.
    • Izumi Reiji: First year and the dude that saved Shizuka when she fell from the sky in the common route. He likes to make fun of people, but hates being made fun of.
    • Toono Atsurou: Second year and a delinquent student. He doesn’t like bullying the weak, but fights with Shizuka because…well…she’s pretty strong since her spiritual powers are real strong. Therefore, he thinks of her as an equal, so they’re like fighting buddies.
    • Yurajou Keigo: Second year and has a secret crush on Shizuka…but he’s really obvious about it. He’s unbelievably normal, considering that he’s a youkai. However, his speech and actions change when it involves Shizuka. Yurajou and Izumi are childhood friends.
    • Tobiura Moegi: Third year and enjoys hearing another’s unfortunate events. The dude that that caused the Shizuka falling from the sky incident in the common route.
    • Hibiya Mitsugu: Hibiya Kyougoku’s younger brother, a third year.
    • Nashibatake Wakako: Second year and Shizuka’s best friend. She’s nice to girls, but strict to the guys. She can stretch her neck and take her head off. At times, she would play around by taking her head off, but panics when she loses it.


The pic will warp you to………ヽ(。_゜)ノ


Overall Review after Gameplay:
Characters: ★★☆☆☆
Seiyuus: ★★★★☆
Art: ★★★☆☆
Gameplay: ★★☆☆☆

I had a horrible time playing the sequel. I think I had more fun with the prequel, Oumagatoki. I was suffering inside. The story wasn’t as great as the prequel. The characters were less likeable than the prequel. Well, the art is the same as before, so it’s decent. The overall gameplay was shit. All the important aspect (story & characters) went downfall compared to the prequel. I like the choice of seiyuus, so it felt like a waste that they used the good seiyuus for this game.

In terms of faves, it’s Yurajou>Reiji>Tohno>Hibiya>>>>>Mitsugu>>>>Hisoka>>>>Tobiura. Btw, this ranking is totally different from the prequel. I complained more in “The Other Truth” review. Well, to sum it up, I was extremely annoyed with the game.



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