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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Narukami Hiro

Last character to complete is Narukami Hiro~ ヽ(*´∀`)ノ キャッホーイ!! He’s the president of the student council, a third year. He’s also the president of the “Narukami Hotels Corporation” that he succeeded from his dad. He earns good grades and is good looking, so he’s popular amongst the girls at school. However, unlike typical character traits of the popular guys, he’s not good in sports. In fact, he may be the worst in the school. How cuteee (*´∀`*)ポワワ He’s also known Eiji-senpai since elementary school, so they call each other’s name by their first name.

One day,  Naru shows Aya a document full of numbers, which turned out to be the financial status of the school. It showed that the school fund has been having deficit since last month. He explains to her that the school’s income come from the student’s tuition, but that alone won’t be enough to run a school. Therefore, the school invested in stocks from this company to obtain funds. However, it turns out that the company had fallen into bankruptcy, which disables the school from receiving such funds. According to the investment proofread,  there is enough possibility for the school to recover within a year. Despite the fact, there is still a possibility that the school would not be able to pay the faculty’s salary at this rate before they recover. Aya doesn’t know what to do, so she goes to her uncle for some advice with Naru. He tells her to do her best as the chairman of the school board, Naru will help her as well. The other student council members will be there for her as well. Aya’s uncle also mentions that he will help her as the previous chairman.

Naru-senpai asks Aya to see the update on the budget forecast for the school.  Naru-senpai claims that the data is based on last year’s, so there probably is more than the listed data. He tells her that he’s not blaming this on her, but at his rate…School events may be important, but claims that there needs to be a countermeasure to fix the problem. They only have four months. Naru asks if she has a solution to their problem, but she doesn’t because she’s been busy with the school events. Therefore, she asks the other members their opinion about the issue. During their discussion, Naru leaves early without speaking his opinion, so Aya finds this odd.

Aya wonders why Naru didn’t speak his opinion during the discussion even though he told her that he’ll assist her. She’s so curious that she decides to call him. He tells her that the matter is not something to talk on the phone, so he invites her to his house. She ask him for advice, but refuses in doing so because there’s nothing he can say at this point. During the discussion, he mentions how she would be swayed by the ideas of other members given. However, she didn’t decide after all because of the risk that was at stake. She lacks the ability as the top authority of the school, so at least need to have an idea of where the solution should be heading. If not, the other member’s opinions will become useless. He has no intention of helping others that don’t think on their own, or it will just be inefficient and have no productivity. Aya thanks him for his advice. She admits that she’s been relying on others too much, so she will rethink regarding the issue.

Midou and Habasaki thinks they should do whatever they can to earn money. Naru doesn’t think it will go as easy as they plan. However, he just let’s them do it anyways. Habasaki ⇒ mobile game, Midou⇒photo book, Asa⇒cultivate, and Eiji-senpai⇒free market. However, it didn’t work out after all. Especially Eiji-senpai, no one came even though he passed out fliers. Everyone was probablt scared of him to go. Naru tells them that he had suspected this result. Habasaki tells him that he should have told them in the first place. However, Aya tells him that it’s better this way since they’ll learn this way.

Naru tells Aya that he is thinking of funding the school from his company. However, Aya refuses because they will just receive the money without actually doing anything. She believes the workers won’t think well of Naru this way either. Therefore, Aya suggest that the school can do business with Narukami Hotels Corp. instead of just receiving the money. Aya suggest that the school use his hotel company as a place to stay during their field trips and survey the students to help with the marketing, know the demand of highschoolers. This way the other schools may utilize the Narukami Corp. by partnering with Aya’s school. Also, if the students end up liking the hotel, they’ll visit when they become adults. However, the company does not only belong to Naru-senpai. Therefore, he suggest if Aya is able to convince the others that lead the company with a presentation, he’ll accept her proposal.

They decide to make a promotion video for their presentation. The other members suggest that Naru and Aya become the leading role. The day of the presentation, it seems that the elders loved the video, which caused a room full of laughters. Therefore, the accepted the business with the school. It was kinda odd since I would think these presentation should be more serious, but I guess not… (゚ω゚)? Well, this is a game after all.

Aya and the student council celebrates for resolving the whole financial crisis of the school. Aya goes to the restroom, and this dude talks to her when she is trying to return to the others. He apologizes that he talked to her so suddenly due to her beauty. He introduces himself as Jack John Rosfield, an American. It’s kinda weird to state their ethnicity as an introduction. I mean I don’t do that and I’ve never heard an introduction like that… Anyways, he tells Aya to call him Jack and ask her to have some tea with him. Naru comes to see what’s going on. In fact, Jack and Naru know each other. According to Jack, they’re buddies. I was wondering who this was…I had his CG in my gallery in the early stage, so I’m like who the hell is he… I knew he had something to do in Naru’s route, but that’s it. (´・д・`) Jack continues inviting Aya on a date with him, but she’s a bit bothered by it. Therefore, Naru tells him to leave her alone, but he just doesn’t listen. Naru kinda looses his cool. In english, he yells, “Leave her alone. She’s special to me!” Jack says he’ll leave quietly this time, but insists he sees Aya again. Aya asks what he shouted, but he tells her that it’s not important. ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)アヒャ

The cultural festival is coming up, and it is decided that Naru is going to plan it. During the weekend, Aya is happy that she is finally able to go shopping since she was too busy recently. While she’s out, Aya sees the news on Narukami Hotels Corporation that they may be in a tight spot because a recent failure in a project. She suddenly hears a voice asking her to go out somewhere with this dude, which turned out to be Midou. It turns out that the student council members are out shopping to prepare for their booth for the culture festival. Aya mentions how she just saw the news on Naru’s company, so she asks if it’s true. However, Naru tells her not to worry. It  becomes obvious that Aya is starting to pay attention to Naru little by little.

KOISHIBA_0108On the day of the culture festival, Aya goes see what the student council is doing for the festival. It seems that the Naru decided on doing a casino for their booth because he actually likes gambling. It’s so cute how he kept losing to Eiji-senpai, losing every match. ガンバ!!o(;ω;o)o(o;ω;)oガンバ!! When they finished their booth, the student council members and Aya patrolled for the rest of the festival. Night time, the firework was about to start. Aya and Naru happen to be with each other, so they watched the fireworks together. Aya was shoved by people since the place was crowded with people, so Naru-senpai asks for her hand while blushing…

KOISHIBA_0110This other day, she sees Jack AGAIN (ಠ_ಠ) at the student council office after coming back from changing the water for the vase. Aya asks why he’s here, and that’s when Naru appears. Apparently, he came to see Aya so he can tell her his feelings toward her. He even researched Aya and senpai’s relationship.They get along well, but not in a romantic relationship. Therefore, Jack tells her he loves her… Someone doesn’t know how to mind their own business ( ゚д゚)・・・ He tells her that he’ll donate as much as she wants to the school if she becomes his, knowing the school’s situation. Jack tries to take her away, so Naru-senpai tells her to hand him the vase she is holding. Then, he pours the water in the vase on Jack for being impolite. Senpai warns him that he’ll call security if he continues acting the way he wants. He can choose whether he’ll get dragged out, or leave himself. (゚∀゚ノノ゙パチパチパチパチ  GJ Senpai! Jack threatens senpai that he’ll regret being this way, which obviously means trouble will come about soon. Jack warns him that he can only act cool now, but will soon see Naru-sepai crying to him later. (゚Д゚ )ハァ?

The student council has more free time now that they solved school’s financial crisis, so everyone is basically doing their own thing. Habasaki is on the internet and finds the news that the Narukami Hotels Corp. may fall into bankruptcy. Then Naru comes in, so they ask him about it. He tells them not to worry since they are only speculations. The student council also deliberate on whether the school would aid his company, but regardless, he still refuses to obtain any assistance. Then, he leaves for a meeting. Meanwhile, the members wonder why he refuses assistance and how the situation happened in the first place. Habasaki researches some things on the matter. Apparently, there was this project between Narukami Hotels Corp. and this American Resort Company. Originally, the Narukami Corp. were competing with this other company to work with the resort company. Nevertheless, the American Resort Co. were most likely going to partner with Narukami’s Corp. since they were advantageous both budget and plan-wise. Therefore, orders were already made to satisfy the business, but the resort company suddenly decided to change their mind last minute to the other company competing with Narukami Corp. Thus, it caused a huge loss to the corporation. It so happens that the American resort company is under the Rosfield name. NOW, where have we heard that from? (ಠ_ಠ) It turns out that Jack was behind this doing. Naru comes back from his company work. When Aya see him, she tells him that she know who’s behind his troubles. He tells her that it’s not her fault because Aya was blaming herself. He admits that he was careless to pour water at him, but doesn’t regret doing so. (*´ω`*) He tells her that he has nothing more to say, so Aya asks to tell her one day.

It’s been a while now, and Naru is busy as ever. However, he gets some free time, so he comes to the student council office to get some work done. After school, Aya asks how it’s going with the company. Naru tells her how there are people who are against Jack’s doing in the Rosfield company. Nevertheless, he is still the owner’s son, so he has a lot of power. Therefore, the company is still trying to make a decision to the issue. Another thing is that Jack isn’t being so aggressive on this matter is because he knows if this were to be found out by his father, he will be in big trouble.  *wink wink* Aya says that Jack fails as a businessman. On the other hand, she mentions how amazing Naru is as a businessman.

Meanwhile, Asa is thinking that maybe Naru should have dodged Jack’s actions in a better manner. Aya claimed that Naru seemed to be pretty calm the time Jack first saw Aya. It turns out Asa understood what Naru said to Jack, which reveals to everyone that Naru thinks of Aya as a special person to him. Everyone is like, “eh…” and Naru is blushing. So cuteee  (/ω・\)チラッ They get back to the main topic. Naru says the school, student council members, and even Aya has nothing to do with this issue. According to Naru, his secretary is trying to a set a meeting with Jack. If it goes well, they will meet today and talk directly about the issue.

After Naru leaves, Aya tells the others how she’s worried that the situation might end up worse by himself. Therefore, she decides to go to Jack since she’s the reason this all happened, so she decides to go talk to him directly. Habasaki finds out Jack’s schedule that he has a party with the company that was competing with Narukami Corp, which means that he wasn’t planning to meet Naru after all. Aya and the others plan to sneak into the party. When Aya gets to the party, only Habasaki is with her because the other members stayed behind to stall the guards from capturing her. However, Aya can’t just barge in the party, so Habasaki comes up with a plan. He causes the blackout in the party hall, and Aya lures Jack out of the party hall.

She explains to him why she’s here, but just makes him like her even more…∑(O_O;) He tries to negotiate with Aya to be his. If she does, he will partner with Narukami Corp. Aya thinks he’s a jerk, but he thinks he’s nice to give her a choice. ヾ(-д-;)ぉぃぉぃ Before she answers, Naru comes to the rescue! Naru says that he won’t give Aya to Jack. Even if the the project fails, it may harm the company, but won’t lead to bankruptcy. Jack asks Aya for her answer, but isn’t it obvious already? (´-_-`) Aya claims that she will never choose someone like him. She trusts Naru; he never whines no matter how high the obstacle. She admires his coolness as a leader. Naru promises that he’ll protect Aya no matter what. (*゚◇゚) Then comes Jack’s father. (σゝ∀・)σ YAYYY BUSTEDDD!! Jack is now busted by by his father; he’s disappointed of Jack. Jack tries to make excuses, BUT… m9(^Д^)プギャー Daddy Rosfield apologizes in place of his son. He tells Nary that they’re company will talk it over and choose the company most advantageous to them. As of Jack, he tells him to start over from elementary school for his shameful act. He tells Naru that he’ll take care of the rest from here.

They finally solved the problem. The other student council members find Aya and Naru. It turns out that they were the ones that called Daddy Rosfield. It seems that Gondou had also contributed in their plan. He was the one that told them when Daddy Rosfield finished his meeting early, which made it possible to catch him, and notify him of what’s going on. Gondou even gave them his car’s plate number. They wonder why he was able to obtain such info. However, Naru just says that he has his networks as well. Yes yes, after all, Gondou is his big bro. Speak of the devil, Gondou comes. Apparently, he was worried so he came. Then, they go eat, Naru’s treat~ (≧ω≦)ゞ

KOISHIBA_0115They are walking to the food place. Aya and Naru is behind the others.  Aya thanks him for protecting her from Jack. However, Naru tells her that he was protected from her instead. She tells him that she was happy that he said she’s special. He asks her if he can say it to her in Japanese this time. OMG this time he adds that he loves her too. wheee~ I think he’s the only one that actually said “love” in this game. The other characters told her that they like her, but not “love.” I mean they are still young, so I don’t expect them to, so it kinda felt weird to hear it in his route. haha Naru tells her to call him by his name, which makes him real happy. The two are all lovey dovey, and all of a sudden Asa appears. It seems that they were too busy confessing to each other that they weren’t doing any “walking.” SO, Asa was sent to get them.

In the epilogue, it seems that the senpai’s graduation is coming up. Then comes Midou into the student council office surprised about how Naru is going to study abroad after graduation, but it turns out Aya didn’t know about it either. Aya confronts him about it as soon as she found out. Naru tells her that he was planning to tell her himself, but it was a last minute thing. Also, the rumor seem to be faster to get into her ears. He tells her that he will leave in April, and will be gone for 3-4years. Aya tells him that she’ll wait for him and will visit him as well. Naru tells her that even though they are away from each other, their hearts are close together.

KOISHIBA_0116Three years later, Aya attends college as well as being the chairman of the school board. Then, suddenly, the principal comes running to her office. It so happens that they are running low in budget AGAIN. what the… (´・_・`) haha She tells him to calm down. Another surprise, Naru comes into the room~ He tells him not to worry because he already took care of the issue. It seems that he came back last month. However, the principal asks why Naru is here at the school though. It so happens that they are business partners. He’s surprised because he thought that they were business partners three years ago in order to resolve the school’s financial crisis. However, the Narukami group has officially partnered with the school. Therefore, he came to the school to bring the contract. Naru tells the principal that aiding future promising students are one of his goals. The principal all is praising Aya haha SOOO different from four years ago when she first became the chairman of the school board. Naru mentions about the party she is going to go today. She wonders how he knew about it; It seems that he was invited as well. He asks to escort her, and suggest they show off their lovey dovey-ness. (/ω\*)


KOISHIBA_0119In the normal end, Aya has a tutor. Guess who that is? It’s Naru~ ♪ He’s helping her study because as a chairman of the school board, he believes that she should be good in academics as well. Aya works hard in order to be a someone that is right for Naru. 

KOISHIBA_0118Naru is so cute when he blushes (ノω`*)んふふ♪ He reminded me of Est from Wand of Fortune since they’re both voiced by the same person. I feel like I’ve been hearing too much of Irino Miyu’s voice because of the two games ahaha. I actually feel like I should have played Gondou’s route last because Naru’s route doesn’t reveal that Gondou and him are brothers. There are hints here and there, but it doesn’t really lead to the speculation that they’re both brothers. Especially since they have different color hair, I probably wouldn’t suspect their brothers AHAHA. I might have thought that Gondou had something to do with the Narukami family though. Who would have thought I would play his route second. Anyways, Naru was really cool in his route. I was actually thinking that the route was going to be more on how he felt burdened by the responsibility of a  soon-to-be a full-time president of a company. I also thought there would be more on the relationship between him and Gondou, but nope. I thought the Jack dude was going to be a good guy too. BUT NOPE! haha. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the route. I liked how he protected Aya throughout the route from the jerk. He’s reliable and seems like the real serious type, but he has some cute sides. (。・ω・。)b

Anyways, I’m finally done with this series. Actually, I’m not exactly done with the game. I did complete the game, character route-wise. However, I wasn’t able to collect all the CGs and achievements, so I’m probably going to do that when I have free time. As of reviews, I’m completely finished with this series.

I think it took about three months? to finish this series. I can’t believe how slow I’m moving. Eek (*´Д`)=3ハァ・・・  I actually PLANNED to finish earlier, but I just couldn’t find the time to play the game and write the reviews. I will post up the intro. post for the next game review soon. In fact, I already typed up a draft, so it should be up within a week. As of Wand of Fortune, I  don’t know if I can post it up anytime soon, definitely not this month. There are no problems playing the fandisk, but it’s just the series before the fandisk is what’s time consuming. If only if I had two PSPs…ahaha.


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