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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Habasaki Satoshi

I was actually going to play his route during my first play. BUT, I totally got distracted by Eiji-senpai harhar ( ≖‿ゝ≖)


Habasaki Satoshi is the secretary of the student council, the mood maker with a cute smile. He’s real cute when he blushes too (〃ω〃) He seems like those active kind of guys, but actually an indoor person since his interests are computers & games. That’s not the only thing that makes him unique, he has a split personality as well. ↑Left side of the image is the normal Habasaki Satoshi. However, whenever he eats something spicy, he turns into Kyou (right side of image). Kyou is the student council troublemaker. Compared to Satoshi, he’s more of the aggressive type. So, if Satoshi is a cute puppy, Kyou would be the wolf. Kyou loves to prank people, so whenever he comes out, he causes trouble. If he’s caught, he takes in some sweets, which turns him back to Satoshi  just before he gets in trouble.

Habasaki is the friendly type, therefore he has a lot of friends. Ofc he’s friendly towards Aya, but he  blushes a lot AS WELL since well… he likes her. ( ≖‿ゝ≖) On the other hand, Kyou likes to pull pranks on her, and ofc he goes back to Satoshi before he gets in trouble. The thing is that Kyou’s pranks maybe real small, like putting wasabi in the tea, or put hot stuff in other foods that Satoshi & Aya may eat. However, his pranks can also be over the top like caking Aya or even mailing the whole school that there won’t be school for this day when THERE IS school on that day. I wish there was a prank like that when I was in high school haha. Then, Aya got like super angry because of  all his pranks.

I have no idea how it turned out this way…but (=_=;) Aya gets all why is Kyou like “this” when Satoshi is all nice. Then, Kyou is like, “What do you mean “this,” what do you know about me?” He tells her that Aya may THINK she knows everything about him, but she actually doesn’t. He says that he’ll think of forgiving her IF she apologizes to him. However, Aya talks back to him by saying that it’s Kyou’s fault in the first place. SOOOO… He decides that they have a DATE. UHHHH WAI??? ∑(O_O;) Not that it’s a bad idea… (o´艸`)

But then…now Satoshi thinks it’s unfair that only Kyou gets to go on a date with her. Thus, Satoshi suggests that they go on a date too. えぇ~なんでそうなった… (´・_・`) Is it just me, or are they a bit forceful to go in that direction? ahaha Satoshi is all can we? No? with those puppy eyes of his (◕ᴥ◕し) So Aya is like um no… it’s not that we can’t…SO it’s decided! They’re going on a date! (・ω・) Then, Kyou talks to Aya about the date and how Satoshi also asked her on a date. He CLAIMS that he’s not that evil, so he’ll allow their date. HOWEVER, Aya & Kyou’s date has to be before Aya & Satoshi’s date SINCE Kyou did ask her first… Kyou is sounds all excited than usual, which is reallll cuteee (´ω`*)

KOISHIBA_0042The student council has a deliberation on who Aya should have a date with first. On the first date, regardless of who you go on the date with, Aya will go to the game center. On the second date,  Aya will go to the amusement park. Kyou will be all nice unlike the usual him, and buy her a crepe with extra fudge on it. Kyou tried to kiss Aya as they walk home. TOO BAD she dodged him~ (・ε・)ムー On the other hand, when she goes on a date with Satoshi, he buys her hot cocoa with extra whip cream. Aya thinks that Satoshi & Kyou have some similarities.

Kyou talks to Aya in the cafeteria and notices that it’s Kyou. He’s all she SHOULD KNOW who he is since THEY WENT ON A DATE (*´ω`*) Kyou is all surprised when Aya apologizes to him how she has misunderstood and that he’s not completely a bad person. He says as a reward he doesn’t mind kissing her. Aya would then say, “Why don’t you?” I KNOW RIGHT!? WHY DON’T YOU!? GOGOGO~ (≧∇≦) But then, Aya regrets saying that right after because Kyou is all in for it. He has this serious expression and gets closer to her. THEN, BAM goes Aya hitting him real hard that it turned him back to Satoshi. Satoshi is all clueless (the only way Kyou & Satoshi can communicate is by memo pads or cellphone communication) while Aya is all crazy red. (*´∀`*)

One day, Satoshi calls Aya to discuss about Kyou. Satoshi wants her to rethink how they’re gonna try to do something about Kyou, like preventing him from appearing ever again. Satoshi is all happy that Aya isn’t thinking like that at all, she just wants to prevent him from pranking people. She says that Kyou has some similarities from Satoshi and has a nice side. Satoshi also mentions if Kyou has been actiing differently around Aya. He suggests that maybe Kyou is starting to have some interest toward Aya because Kyou has been mentioning a lot about her when they communicate. Satoshi asks what she thinks if Kyou does really like her. Satoshi is a bit shocked when Aya says that she’ll be happy. She says that regardless of who it is, she would be happy that there is someone that likes her. Also, she says how Kyou isn’t all bad and have some nice points like Satoshi, but feels a bit complexed.

Satoshi helps Aya with some board chairman work. Then, he mentions how he’s been thinking that he should make his feelings clear since Kyou has been mentioning Aya more nowadays. Satoshi confesses that he’s been thinking about her a lot and that he likes her. (/ω\*) He’s all happy that he was able to confess and even says that he’s so happy that he wants to hug her…not that he does q(゚д゚ )Booo~

KOISHIBA_0067During the school culture festival, Satoshi & Aya have a look around the festival together. They go get their fortune-told and they’re happy to hear that they fit well together. However, the fortune-teller mentions how there is a rival that may pull them apart. KYOU~ GO GET HER! This event happens if they have the same old culture festival as the past years.  On the other hand, if you let Kyou plan something, he’s gonna have a haunted house planned for their booth. There’s a CG in this route as well for Kyou dressing up as Count Dracula, scaring the crap out of Aya. (゚ω゚)

I guess Kyou is getting jealous since Aya & Satoshi is getting way too close recently. Therefore, he lied to Satoshi that he and Aya had kissed. Aya asks Satoshi to change with Kyou, so he does. Aya & Kyou argue about how he’s lying to Satoshi. Kyou asks how she feels about them, if she dislikes both of them. As much as I like, I thought this part was pretty mean… (ಠ_ಠ) Aya tells hims that ofc that’s not true. She says that she likes Satoshi… Just when she finishes saying that part, Kyou switches back to Satoshi. Therefore, Satoshi only hears the I also like Kyou part. Satoshi is awfully shocked, and goes away saying that he’s gonna go cool his head now. But then, there’s this group that’s playing baseball, and is about to hit Aya. Satoshi gets hit by the baseball on his head as he saves Aya.

Aya and Midou is by Habasaki’s side while they wait for him to wake up from the incident. When he wakes up, Kyou is the one that appeared and Aya gets all angry. Like always, Kyou tries to get away by changing back to Satoshi, but he’s not turning back. (´O`) It’s been a while now, Kyou is trying many things to bring back Satoshi, but it’s just not working. Therefore, he’s been working hard in place of Satoshi especially for the ski trip since Satoshi was looking forward to the trip the most.

The day of the ski trip came, Kyou is all annoyed that he’s been working hard for the student council and wants to go have fun. Kyou is all bickering, so Aya helps him. When they finish, they decide to go ski and Kyou suggests to take the advanced level slope. Aya decides to try with him, but there’s only old ski boards for rental. All the good ones were already taken, but they go anyways. Not a smart thing to do… (=_=) Right after they got off the lift, Aya’s board breaks…now they can’t go back… But then, Kyou says that they still have his board, it’s fine. Aya asks if he was gonna go down first to get another one. Kyou is like, “What the…OFC NOT! I’m not gonna leave you here all alone!” (´ω`*) He tells her to go on his back, so he can carry her down with him.

They take a break after a while, Aya suggests that she’ll walk because she’s worried about Kyou. He says that it’s fine, but gets off anyways. He tells her to hold his hand, so she won’t get lost. They rest under a tree, and Kyou apologizes to her. He tells her how Satoshi was all prepared for this trip. Satoshi knows the routes and stuff, but he didn’t pay attention at all. Therefore, they’re lost. He says that he was always taking things lightly because at the end, Satoshi is the one that  cleans up his mess. Aya is getting sleepy from the cold as she tells Kyou that she would never dislike him and also Satoshi. Kyou tries to snap her out of it, and Aya tells him that she wants to see Satoshi…(´・д・`) I know it’s Satoshi’s route and all, but STILL…It’s so painful to see Kyou’s hurtful expression ( p_q) Then, he tells her that he probably knows how to bring back Satoshi in order to keep Aya awake. In doing so, Kyou thinks that he might not be able to come back out in exchange. OH GAWD…he looks so hurtful as Aya looks into his eyes, saying that she wants to see Satoshi and also like him as well. She was doing what Kyou told her to do, but her true feelings are there too so… Well, at least she also adds that she doesn’t want Kyou to disappear either. BUT STILLL~(>_<。)

KOISHIBA_0051Aya is like fading away, but Satoshi comes back just in time to bring her back. Now that Satoshi is back, he is Aya’s knight in shining armor to save her from this devastating situation. They find a log cabin, and they talk for a while. But then, Aya still gets sleepy. Satoshi tries to keep her awake, but she still falls asleep. When she wakes up, she’s back at the ski lodge with the other student council members. And GOOD NEWS~ Kyou is back, something about him waking up after Aya lost consciousness. Aya was like all happy, but at the same time wondering why. Kyou answers that maybe because she also looked at his eyes and said that she didn’t want Kyou gone either. Then, Kyou switches back with Satoshi, and the members mention how they have gotten rather all of a sudden. Satoshi remembers that he never heard Aya’s true feelings, so Aya does confess to Satoshi.

KOISHIBA_0052The following day, Satoshi is sleepy because he and Kyou have been playing rock, paper, scissors on whose going to get the day for themselves. Apparently, they don’t need a memo pad or their phones to communicate anymore, but can just communicate in their heads. Obviously, this is why they had less sleep since there’s no point of the game if they can read each other’s hands. Satoshi mentions how the day is their 1 month and 30 days anniversary, so he invites her to his house. Aya gets all nervous because he mentions how they’re parents are gonna come home late. Aya goes to his house, and it seems that Kyou has left Satoshi a note. It says, “You better make a move. If you hesitate, you’ll lose as a man.” He complains about how Kyou ruined the mood, but so it seems he’s been thinking about randy things too eh? ( ≖‿ゝ≖) so then, he kisses her as they confess their feelings to each other. You sly little…and here Satoshi was like the little puppy position, but I guess he has this side of him too. (゚ω゚)

In the normal end, Satoshi is all happy that he’s able to communicate with Kyou through his mind. Also, he’s happy that Aya & Kyou are getting along, BUT he also says that Aya’s No.1 has to be him though. (。・ω・。) Apparently, they have this rule kinda? Satoshi eats lunch with Aya and Kyou goes on after school dates with her most of the time. Isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? (・ω・) OH WELL~ Anyways, he suggest that they switch positions, but Aya tells him to just change whenever they like since she likes both of them. (^ω^)

KOISHIBA_0068I was kinda…NO ULTRA SUPER SAD that there is no route for Kyou. I guess it makes sense since I’m assuming that Satoshi is like the original person, so Aya should end up with Satoshi. However, I wanted a route for Kyou tooooo~ (´・д・`) ショボーン It’s like it hurt me every time Aya was confessing her feelings toward Satoshi in his face…During my first play in Satoshi’s route, I was trying to make the choices that were favorable to Kyou in case there was a route for him…BUT NOPE. I was hoping the part where you get to chose whether you date Satoshi or Kyou first will change your route…BUT NOPE. I think…it just changed the places you get to go with them and the CG…LAAAMEEE ahaha. I also wanted like the reason behind the whole split personality thing..BUT NOPE. I wish there would be a fandisk, but it is highly unlikely since it seems that this game isn’t too popular. SOOO SAD~ Also, my bad…the preview from Eiji’s route was a lie actually…since I was talking about Satoshi/Kyou, but turns out that I went in Gon-chan’s route. However. next dude is for sure since he’s I already completed his route. He seems real carefree and someone you can’t rely on, but he can actually be really cool. Also, he’s actually really cute when he blushes. (*´ー`)ノシ


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