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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Gondou Kengo

 Apparently, you can play his route starting from your second play of the game. At this point, I didn’t even know there was a route for Gondou, so I ended up playing his route after Eiji-senpai’s route. SOOOooo ofc I didn’t know that his route opens after completing one of the ends, so I was like OH NICE. I don’t know what I did, but this is a scene I’ve never seen before, SO LET’S GOOO! Then, all of a sudden Aya is bringing Gondou food that she made in home ec. ( ゚д゚)・・


Gondou is the adviser of the student council, but he doesn’t really do much. He’s the type that doesn’t worry about the fine details. This means that he’s generous…in a good way, but also means that he’s a bit of a slob…in a bad way. By the students, he’s called by the nickname, “Gon-chan.” For some reason, he has this unfortunate constitution…(´・_・`) He had dropped his money, struck by food poisoning, chased by dogs, and etc. Also, he has a lot of kitties at home because every time he sees an abandoned kittie, he takes them home ฅ^._.^ฅ 

If I remember correctly, his secret route pops out around July? This is when Gon-chan asks if she can share some of their food to him. Apparently, he hasn’t been eating much so he’s pretty much desperate. I think it was that he withdrew all his salary from the bank so that he will feel relieved more if they were by his side. I guess so that he’s sure that he has enough money. However, along the way home, he encountered this donation group and was soooo moved by their story that he donated all his withdrawal money to them…∑(O_O;)

During the summer, Aya goes to the library to do her summer break assignments. However, it’s wayyy too hot to concentrate on her work. There, she meets Gon-chan and the school nurse. Since when did school nurses suggest students to go to their teacher’s house? (・ェ・) Anyways, she does her homework there and sees his kitties. ฅ^._.^ฅ  While she’s there, she talks about how they can have a Matsutake Gari (mushroom hunting). Also, Naru-senpai (student council president) comes and visits him with a gift. Apparently, they’re brothers (´O`) Didn’t see that one coming…they don’t even look alike (don’t have the same hair color.. that’s how identify brothers haha) (。-_-。)

 KOISHIBA_0034The student council decides to go mushroom hunting. Gon-chan offers to drive them there, but there’s only four seats. Therefore, they decide that half will ride with Gon-chan and half will ride the bus. Suprisingly, Naru-senpai doesn’t wanna go with him and takes the bus instead. Aya thinks that he’s acting strange, and so they go on their way to the mountains. I don’t know what’s with otome games always having a in-car CG for the older dudes haha. At first, Gon-chan was driving all safely, because of his “safe-driving” motto. However, there’s this other driving with their ill mannered driving. Gon-chan is like all pissed now, and goes lecturing the dude about his driving. How? He has this sharp look now, tells the others to hang on tight, and make sure they have their seat belts on. Ofc everyone is all clueless and all of a sudden, he starts driving all crazy like it’s a car chase. He does catch up to the dude, but everyone is feeling sick now. When they get to the destination, the bus group was asking what took them so long. OFC Aya was like, “You knew about this, didn’t you…” to Naru-senpai. He just says, “Well, he’s a good driver though right?”

 KOISHIBA_0035 At the mountains, the members separate into groups for the mushroom hunting. Aya and Gon-chan pair up to go find some mushrooms. While they look for mushrooms, Aya asks why Naru-senpai and Gon-chan has different last names. He talks about he was originally suppose to succeed his father’s business, but wanted to be a teacher instead. Thus, his father disinherited Gon-chan and Naru-senpai took his place in position. Gon-chan feels bad about how he has made all the pressure go to Naru-senpai even though he’s still young. However, he’s a bit relieved bc senpai  is more cut out for the job than him. He tells Aya that he’s glad that he became a teacher, and so he was able to meet Aya. At first, he was gonna root for her as the new board chairman of school since it’s the previous board chairman’s recommendation, but now he is rooting for her regardless of all that. He sees how hard working she is and have also thought that Aya is right for the position.

Then, they kind of change the subject, looking for mushrooms again. She almost picks out a poisonous mushroom, so Gon-chan warns her. She’s amazed how he’s so knowledgeable on mushrooms. Apparently, he used to pick them whenever he had no money since he was disinherited. Aya then finds a flower and asks about that as well. However, he didn’t know much about them because he didn’t look for flowers to eat during that time. However, he mentions that he knows Fall’s Seven Flowers and their poem since he’s a classic literature teacher. One poem is about how the deers are crying in regret as they see the Hagi flower (one of the Fall’s Seven Flowers) wither. Another is a love poem. There are things that just shouldn’t be said in case bad things may occur. Therefore, they kept their love a secret like the Asagao flower (also one of the Fall’s Seven Flower).

KOISHIBA_0037On December 25, Christmas day, everyone is free so they decide to meet at the student council to have a X’mas party. Everyone is coming including Gon-chan. Gon-chan comes in a bit late and pass out x’mas presents for the student council members for their hard work as their adviser. He also brings Aya one too even though she’s not a member. However, he says that it’s fine bc she has worked hard for the year too. He gives her a ceramic tea pot to pour herself tea like how he served her tea when she came to his house. He mentions how it has a Kikyou (Asagao) flower drawing on it. He asks her if she remembers the poem they talked about during the mushroom hunt, the love poem. The poem signifies the love between Aya and Gon-chan. It’s a love that should not be said out loud to prevent bad things from happening (bc you know love between student and teacher isn’t something that’s accepted in the norm), so their love should be kept a secret. So Gon-chan tells her, “Let’s keep it a secret from the others.”

KOISHIBA_0032This is apparently the NORMAL END due to the scene replay of the game. Too bad there’s no good end to his route. However, I was ∑(O_O;) at first. It’s like WHUT…WHAT IS HAPPENING~~~ haha. I was trying to go to someone else’s route, but got curious since I don’t think the game tells you that it’s a secret route the first time you see this event. After you’ve see the route once, they ask you whether you wanna see the SECRET route starting the second time the event starts. OR if you want, you can just see the event, but make sure the other members don’t eat Gon-chan’s share that she made in home ec. That’s about it? The route didn’t really have much to it. You know how usually if the character have an “actual” route, they go more in-depth. Maybe there might be a bit more in Naru-senpai’s route? But there shouldn’t be a “route” route for Gon-chan because at this point, I already collected all his events in the game. Pooo. (・ε・)ムー

P.S.: Forgive my format of this post. I don’t know why, but the font isn’t consistent throughout this post. I tried fixing it, but it still doesn’t look right…I’m such a noob- ヽ(。_゜)ノ


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