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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Alvaro

There are three different stories that you can play. One of the stories is the three years later epilogue sequel from Wand of Fortune. The second story is going to be about the 500th anniversary ball for Mills Claire, which is before the three years later story. The last story is going to be about when Lulu turns into a little girlie and causes Amy trouble. I’m probably not going to review on the third story because it’s just Lulu running around causing the other dudes trouble haha.


~Another Tale 2~
Lulu asks Alvaro where he is going as she wakes up to see Alvaro getting out of bed. It seems that Lulu has changed a lot because she is no longer the same Lulu from before. She has this devilish personality that even Alvaro can’t underestimate. He used to be the one that was teasing her and I guess somewhat looking down on her as in she’s still a naive little child. After all, he was 23 years at the time when she was only 16 years old. Three years later, she’s more grown up. I guess it’s better that she’s mentally grown up, but I have this impression that now she has a bit of a crooked personality because of this dude here. ↑(ಠ_ಠ) Like I guess I get the same vibe as Vania-sensei? Someone you shouldn’t show your back to or underestimate or…screwed m9(´・д・`) kind of person haha. BUT I think it’s cute that she gave him a good morning kiss and tells him that she still likes him ’til this day. And speaking of a crooked personality, her house is kinda creepy. Well, the bears are real cute, but she has wayyyy too much. Alvaro says that he has a feeling that there’s more of them now. He says that it gives him the chill to think that all these bears are the number of hatred she had felt towards him. Lulu says that they’re not, it’s just that when she bought one, she felt that she wanted the bear to have friends. Alvaro…It’s the first…but… I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! And she did say that she bought the first one to begin with because she was lonely. (・ェ・)

So, they go on a date now that Alvaro is back. They go to one of this store in town and the employee gets all excited to see Lulu with a guy. Before, they talked about how she had a boyfriend, but he’s a scum who always wanders off. YEAH SOMEONE NEEDED TO TELL HIM OFF! But…now Lulu is in (´・д・`) uh oh mode because Alvaro has this scary grinny expression. The employee continues on to say that it was right that she broke it off with him. She says that it’s good that she broke it off early now that she has found another guy and says the dude with her right now is perfect.  BUT LADYYY the scum is the dude right in front of you~ (*ノ∀ノ) haha When Lulu tells the employee the truth about how Alvaro is the bf she was talking about before and that she still likes him. The employee is all “…” as Lulu tells her not to talk bad about him. Then, she grabs Alvaro and runs away. As they stop to catch their breath, Lulu is all embarrassed and says that she won’t be able to visit that store for a while. Lulu apologizes as if her life depends on it, but Alvaro forgives her. BUT as a punishment, he makes her eat some Super Spicy Volcano Bocca. No idea what that is, just know it’s some kind of food. Lulu says, “You SEEEE. YOU ARE ANGRYYYY-!!”

That night Alvaro goes out again. Lulu wonders where he is going and starts sniffing him and says that he’s up to something (」・ω・) He says that he’s going to meet someone. He asks Lulu in this teasing manner, “What if I’m going to cheat on you?” She has this smile that she’s going to be very~ angry. Alvaro then says that it’ll mean that their feelings are growing apart, so he’ll be very troubled if she gets angry. Lulu answers that normally that would be true, but she knows that Alvaro still likes her. If he fools around half-heartedly, then he would be a woman’s enemy. So, if he does cheat, she’s going to get really angry and punish him so that nothing like that will happen again. He’s like I see… with this troubled expression on his face. I like this part of her now compared to her past self. I feel that since Alvaro doesn’t stay with Lulu and always leaves her, he forgets that she’s not the same anymore. I just can’t help myself thinking that it serves him right that his teases are backfiring at him. (`・ω・)b GJ Lulu~

It turns out that he’s only meeting Vania-sensei. Alvaro talks about how he had heard something interesting, during his little trip. Also, he had recently accepted a job that had to do something with that. He tells her for now, he’s not going to do anything that will disadvantage Lulu. Thus, Vania-sensi decides to talk further about the situation. She wants him to be a double agent, and tells him that it will be fine as long as the opposing group don’t find out. She questions him, ” You’ll be able to do this right?” He answers that he’s never felt this complexed from a compliment before. Vania-sensi then changes the subject by asking whether Lulu knows about this. He tells her that he would never do such a thing, especially when it’s about his work. Then, Vania-sensei tells him how she can’t help but think that until when is he going to keep the Lulu in his head the same Lulu when she was 16 years old. He claims that he knows Lulu’s age very well. However, she tells him that that’s not what she’s talking about. She reminds him that even when he’s not around, Lulu’s time hasn’t stopped ⇒(Lulu has changed while you aren’t there and there are many things that you don’t know about her.) He thanks her for her warning, but obviously he’s taking the warning lightly. Ugh Alvaro you- (´-_-`)

The next day, Edgar and Adele visit Lulu to interview her as “Lady Omnia” to be the first to use all elements. They ask her some questions and Alvaro will interrupt from time to time. They also ask her some personal questions regarding her love affairs. Edgar asks her that she seems to have a wonderful bf (me: (※థэథ)∵.*.∵ ), but when are they planning to goal-in as in marriage. She hesitates, but Alvaro tells her to go ahead and answer the question. Lulu says that she never thought about it and everyone there is surprised. Adele even says that they’re even living together, but it’s surprising that she haven’t thought about it yet. Lulu tells her that even though she dreams of one, that doesn’t mean that that’s their goal. Their love maybe different from the norm, but has their own shape. Even if they never marry, as long as they love each other ’til the end, that will be best. D’awww Lulu has grown uppp (╥﹏╥) I’m starting to see Alvaro more childish now and he’s 7 years older. tsk tsk tsk ┐(‘~`;)┌ Even Edgar feels Alvaro should be more honest about his feelings…yah I KNOW RIGHT!? (*´-ω-`)ノ

After Edgar and Adele finish the interview, they tell her that they’re gonna come tomorrow to take pictures for the interview. They leave and now Lulu and Alvaro get some alone time. All of a sudden, Alvaro gets into serious mode about how she’s getting all famous. He tells her how people think of her power rare than she might think. He brings up how she said she was going to get stronger in the 350 year ago past (Wand of Fortune 2) in order to prevent Alvaro from killing anyone, to protect him. He says that indeed, she did become stronger and even obtained the qualifications of a top level mage. However…Alvaro claims that if he were to seriously try to kill her, he can. He tells her that even if she tries to solve the problem with magic, not all people will come straight from the front. He tells her not to bring all the attention toward her because there will definitely be people who would be after her power. But dude…remember? INTERVIEW→PICTURES⇒A LOT OF ATTENTION!?Isn’t a bit too late to say that…Plus you seemed okay about the whole interview thing? Such a weirdo Alvaro is. (ಠ_ಠ) Lulu asks him that too and says that it seemed fun sooo…Lulu is like she doesn’t know if he’s worried about him or not.

WOFortune2FD_0013While she rests, she says that she’ll remember that Alvaro is indeed worried about her. She tells him not to worry because she has some things up her sleeves too. Alvaro THINKS that she doesn’t, but looks can be deceiving Alvaro dude. She says that she won’t be taken away by anybody, but Alvaro. Awww (*´ω`*) Alvaro tells him that she’ll be a handful if anyone does try to take her. She pushes him on the sofa for being a meanie HEHE (ΦωΦ)フフフ… He sighs that since she can’t beat him with words, she uses force. And adds…that she’s heavy. GASP (#゚Д゚)ダマレ!! Lulu tells him that she likes this moment the best; she gets this feeling of happiness. She says that it feels like they’re “one” when they’re like this. He says that he wouldn’t really like that, but reminds him of this one spell. It’s a spell that connects each other’s life together ⇒ If one dies, the other will die as well. Lulu says that’s just like a curse, but Alvaro suggests that it can be kinda romantic depending on how you think about it. UHHHH…NO? (ಠ_ಠ)

The next day, she goes and take pictures for the interview. She tries to take pictures, but they’re just not turning right. Perhaps, she feels a little nervous. Adele gives her some macaroon, she relaxes and enjoys them. How cute  (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ When they finish the photo shoot, she feels like someone’s watching her. Meanwhile, Alvaro was watching after her while she had her photo shoot. Alvaro is sighing about how Lulu is underestimating what he said while he’s on the look out on whose after Lulu. During his little spying game, he meets Julius. Julius tells Alvaro not to leave her alone too much. Even though she’s acting all strong, she really feels lonely. Alvaro mentions how troubled he is because of the privacy infringement spell. I like how Julius gets all serious mode about how Lulu used to refuse using the spell all the time. However, every time she would feel sad and lonely after Alvaro leaves. Everyone would be really worried about her. Therefore, Julius couldn’t stand to see her like that and offered her the spell. Even though he had prepared tools only for her, she would always go and ask him to use it, just so she can control herself. That’s why, even if Alvaro gets angry at him, he won’t apologize for telling her the spell. MAN, WHY YOU SO COOL JULIUS!? ヽ(*´д`*)ノ Alvaro asks if he can use the tools for that spell to use for his job. Julius reminds him that his invention isn’t to cause harm, and let’s him borrow one.

When Lulu gets back to her house, she finds Edgar’s magnify glass and Adele’s stuff. While she’s thinking what she should do, a man makes her smell a drug and she loses her consciousness. Soon, Alvaro comes back to smell drug that they used to capture Lulu. He knows that the drug used isn’t that strong, suspecting that she is captured somewhere not too far away. Luckily, he has Julius’s invention with him, so he uses that to suspect where they have put her. Meanwhile, Lulu wakes up to see Edgar and Adele locked up with her. Lulu isn’t as worried as Edgar and Adele. She uses her magic like nothing big has happened. I was actually kinda like (ಠ_ಠ) what the fro… people would usually be worried if they were in such a situation. Obviously…she was in situations like this before…SIGH Alvaro you- (-へ-) So, she uses her magic to get out of the cell, and make sure that Edgar and Adele will be safe in case someone comes back. They were both surprised because she was able to use magic without her wand. Then, she uses her invisibility spell and goes down to get help. Just when she does, she hears footsteps coming from below. She gets all nervous, but thank goodness it’s Alvaro. YAYYY~

Lulu and Alvaro goes to Mills Claire and report to Vania-sensei about the incident. Vania-sensei was waiting for them as if she knew what has happened. She tells her that she’s glad Lulu is safe. Lulu answers with a smile that she was nervous, but somehow she got through it. Lulu told her that it was a good idea that she had a spare as Vania-sensei said. Lulu pulls out her necklace that she used in order to use magic. It seems Alvaro has suspected that because he thought it was weird for her to be using magic without her wand. It seemed that he had something else to say, but Lulu purposely continued talking to sensei. They talk about how there are people who will use those who are around her, like this time they used Edgar and Adele. Therefore, they need to come up with new ideas to prevent these danger. Sensei talks about how they should relax by having some tea and that she just got some new leaves. Just when Lulu was going to say how excited she is to have some tea, Alvaro interrupts… He asks her that isn’t it a bit too much that she’s taking the situation too lightly after what happened all of a sudden. Lulu claims that the problem is resolved already though. But Alvaro feels that she’s too careless and seems as if she already knew this was going to happen. She says that it’s not true…but…

DUDE, I LOVE THIS PART…GO VANIA-SENSEI!! 。゚+.(*`・Д・´*)゚+.゚ Vania-sensei interrupts, “What are you saying that she was suddenly kidnapped? Really…this scum. I guess after you left Mills Claire and wandered around, so it seems that your brain has deteriorated.” She reminds him of what she said when they met last time. She asked until when is the Lulu in your head going to stay as the same 16 years old Lulu? Sigh And lalala Alvaro is not getting it still… Vania-sensei tells her that this is not the first time she has been kidnapped. She has almost been attacked and has been hurt too. He’s still clueless and she tells him to stop kidding around that she’s taking the situation too lightly. It’s just that she has gotten used to these kind of situation, where HE doesn’t know. She tells him how disappointed she is in him as her former student. Then, she tells Lulu not to worry and that she will take care of the rest. It doesn’t seem that it’s the right time for tea, so they can have a drink next time. Lastly, she tells her to have a good night rest and the two go back home.

During the way home, Alvaro didn’t say a word. Lulu asks if he’s mad, but Alvaro answers her with a question if it seems like he isn’t mad. Well, I guess I understand why he would be mad…but who can blame her? YOU WEREN’T THERE MAN~ (ಠ_ಠ) He asks when she was first targeted. It was when she has started living by herself and the second time Alvaro left…UGH (ノД`) Lulu describes to him of the kind of incidents that had occurred. He tells her that this time, they used a weak drug. However, there are much stronger drugs that can cause harm. Alvaro asks why he didn’t tell her, but she says that if she does, he will surely try to protect her. He says that if he finds out that his gf is being targeted, he’s not that rotten to just leave her be. She says that it won’t do if she doesn’t protect herself. She’s happy that Alvaro will help her, but she needs to deal with this on her own. Alvaro asks if it was because she can’t rely on someone that might be gone any day, someone who may not return her love. She denies that and says that she believes in him. OH GOSH WHY IS SHE SUCH A SWEETHEART (´Д`) He tells her that she could have just told her about the situation so she can keep him by her side. This way, she would be more happy. But then, she tells him that she can’t do that because she wants to protect his “freedom.” “Freedom” is what Alvaro had fought for by risking his life…

WOFortune2FD_0015FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ  It was the time when her and Alvaro first greeted the morn together for the first time. We all know what that means… Seriously. Here I thought, what happened to this game and since when did it become a mature-ish game. The last time I played this series, it was more on the pure side of love. But oh well, things change… apparently… ╮(-▽-)╭  Lulu saw this mark on Alvaro’s back, it appears to be a cursed engraved mark. It’s a mark that was engraved on all kids, where he grew up. It was so that no one would be able to run away. He talked to her about how he had no second thoughts about leaving the place. He wanted to decide his way of life on his own and if he dies from making that decision, he didn’t care as long as that was his result from his choice is better than just rotting in that place. He has encountered many times where he almost died. In fact, there are not many who were able to leave the place and survive for years. He says how he didn’t erase it for a reason. It’s to prove that even with this mark, he was able to win his survival.

WOFortune2FD_0016END OF FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ haha. Well, anyways…Lulu thought even their “love” was going to be part of the chain that was going to tie down his “freedom.” Even though he may feel that he wants to be by her side, not leave her side…every time the feelings get stronger, he will be irritated at himself at the same. Therefore, he doesn’t make a promise that will lead to the future for when one day this love ends, he can disappear from it any time. She likes him and so she wants to be by her side. If she can, then forever. But if that’s going to make him become less like himself, then she doesn’t want to tie him down. Thus, she kept all the incidents a secret and that she has no regrets. REALLY LULU…You’re amazinggg~ щ(ಥДಥщ) There was this long pause…Alvaro breaks the silence by saying that maybe he didn’t really take her seriously when Lulu said she was going to become strong. No…he didn’t wanna admit it, but says that what Vania-sensei said was true. All of a sudden, he hugs Lulu reeeeal tight. He says that if this is actually her plan, he wants to kill her now. He tells her to shut up because he’s like really conflicted. DUDE SERVES HIM RIGHT!! m9(^Д^)プギャー He starts babbling about how he still doesn’t believe in “eternity.” He says that he can’t guarantee if this feeling will continue forever. However, he had unconsciously made an “exception.” He had tried to escape many times, wherever he is, he thinks of her. It felt as if it was a curse…HAHA YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! ^^b Eventually, he can’t stand but wanna see Lulu and end up coming back to her. He asks him if she understands what this means, but she pretends that she doesn’t. He continues that somewhere inside him, she thought that Lulu will always be the one that will be protected. Also, that no matter when he disappears or return, she’ll welcome him back with a smile. Therefore, even though he doesn’t believe his feelings, he believes that Lulu’s feelings will never change. He doesn’t believe in eternity, but believes and wants to believe that her feelings will never change. He’s actually shocked by how conveniently he’s thinking. Lulu’s voice is like about to shake, and says that she already knew that. She says that Alvaro is a grown up, but that side of him is even more childish than her. Alvaro admits to it and adds that Lulu better not get kidnapped, get hurt, or die without his notice. He doesn’t care if it’s according to his convenience, but that’s just that. He demands that she has to live, and be by his side. He also says that this is his own decision. If she wants to protect his freedom, then she has to as if her life depends on it.

A few days later had passed, and they meet up with Edgar and Adele regarding the interview. They give her a draft of what’s going to be on the interview, a last minute check basically. Lulu is somewhat troubled that the interview consists too much of her natural side, basically shows the Lulu as is. They all say it’s fine because people who know already knows anyways and that they will always stay as her friend. She calls them meanies. Then, suddenly, Alvaro tells Edgar that there needs to be a change for one of the answers to a question. We can all guess which question that is right!? イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ It’s the question about if she ever plans to goal-in (marriage) anytime soon. Remember how Lulu said that she wasn’t thinking about it? He says that it should say that they will goal-in soon. Everyone is all surprised and gasping in such a loud voice.  (≧∇≦)

On their way back, she asks Alvaro what’s going. Like he said, he says that they’re gonna goal-in, which is called marriage. They are going to be husband and wife. He adds, Marriage…also known as life’s grave, which applies to him mostly. He tells her that she needs to take responsible for him since…he has to kinda quit his job/guild. The dudes that were after her were from his guild. However, he has also accepted Vania-sensei’s mission that was the opposing side of the guild. Originally, he was suppose to do both outstandingly. However, he failed the guild’s part of the job and has gone out that he’s dating their target AS WELL. Therefore, he’s seen as a traitor from the guild. After Alvaro explains everything, she bawls on the streets. Even Alvaro doesn’t know what to do and drags her all the way home. Lulu stares at Alvaro and soon tells him to at least propose to her properly. She claims that she had endured a lot while dating him. And claims that it won’t hurt if he does AND I TOTALLY AGREE (ಠ_ಠ) So Alvaro proposes to her lightly…then demandingly. ( ゚д゚)ノ☆( #)д`) He’s like who cares, you’re not gonna reject me anyways. RAWR ALVARO YOU- (-_- )

WOFortune2FD_0022Lulu is about to cry again. Alvaro literally goes STOP! and covers her mouth. ahahaha. Finally, Lulu settles with him not proposing to her, but wants a ring instead. She said she won’t ask for anything and that she doesn’t need a wedding either, but at least give her a ring. Alvaro shows her a smirk…Obviously he’s up to something… remember the cursed spell Alvaro was talking about before? He puts that on her, so their lives will be connected. If Lulu dies, Alvaro will die, and vice versa. He says that he’ll give his whole to her. He adds that the world without her will probably be boring as hell, and he won’t be able to endure it. Therefore, he tells her to take him with her when she dies. BUT UH-OH Lulu is ANGRYYY HEHE (*´゚дゝ゚`) Lulu puts a spell on top of his, into a better one.(゚ω゚)I believe this way it’ more romantic (*’▽’*)♪ Lulu wants to have his love, not his life. The spell engraved a flower mark that represents their love. As long as they still love each other, the flower will continue to blossom. She doesn’t want her to bind himself with his life, but actually love her. She warns him that if he even tries to cheat on her, the flower will wither so he has to prepare himself. For the first time, he tells her that he “loves” her. He says that he still loves her ’til this day and will probably love her in the future as well. Lulu tells him that she loves him too, eternally.

-ANOTHER END Instead of deciding that he marries Lulu, he’s gonna leave her again this one day like he’s been doing this whole time. I guess he did admit his true feelings toward Lulu, but still leaves her. He says that he’ll be ready the next time he comes back, but I guess it wasn’t so sad as I thought it would be. I was kinda expecting a little more, like him leaving her for good.

~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
In this story, she doesn’t have the ability to use all, since she chose an element. Since it’s Alvaro’s route, she has the light element. THIS GUYY…Can he only think about getting in her skirt or something (ಠ_ಠ) He says that he can’t be her partner for the ball because they’re not “CLOSE ENOUGH.” Geez and what he’s 23 years old? For god’s sake, Lulu is only 16 years old and he’s so aggressive. He says she’s just gonna have to try harder. OH GAWD DUMP HIM AND GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE. GO TO JULIUS! (=゚Д゚=) Ever since Alvaro’s route, I’m all in it for Julius even though he wasn’t so appealing to me before. (=‘x‘=) If you ask Bilal for advice, BILAL will tell you that he’ll escort her if Alvaro doesn’t. YESH CHOOSE BILAL, anyone but Alvaro… such a troublesome dude yo. If you go to Vania-sensei, she tells you that he is merely a doggie that just wants her attention. Maybe if Lulu would pat his head, he might just even shake his tail  (※థэథ)∵.*.∵I WOULD LOVE TO~ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

WOFortune2FD_0004Well anyways, she’s not going to find a solution to this problem. It seems that Alvaro was waiting for her to see what surprises she has installed for him. She hugs him all of a sudden and even Alvaro is surprised. She tells how much she likes him, that she wants to be by his side, and that she wants to go to the ball with him. Alvaro tells her how weird she’s acting today, but Lulu claims that she’s serious. She says that she like him again, but it doesn’t seem like he’s taking it serious…She says she’s seriously serious (sounds awkward but haha) She says that he doesn’t need to do anything, but just dance with her. She practically begs, and he finally agrees to be her partner.

The night of the ball comes,  Lulu and Amy are all dressed up. Edgar and Amy goes first since they’re partners. (Dude Amy is pretty.) On the other hand, Lulu waits for Alvaro. When they meet, Lulu says, “Be my prince for today.” It kinda gave me the chills when Alvaro’s expression changed right after. (・へ・ ) Anyways, Lulu waits at the balcony for Alvaro to bring her food. He surprises her by giving her kiss on the cheek when he comes back. It turns out that he put some stuff in the food, and it’s super spicy.

WOFortune2FD_0007For some reason, he’s like especially creepy in this story, like gives me the chills. I guess it’s because he’s not as affected by Lulu yet unlike the three years after. There was a special surprise of fireworks using all 6 elements at the ball.  And for some reason, he was just staring at her. He asks her how would the prince that she expect express his love to her. She’s like thinking he’s freakin’ weird, but you know Alvaro.. ┐(‘~`;)┌  She tells him that she just wants her prince to whisper his love to her. Then, Alvaro does what she just said. He sighs and say that it seems like he has gave her too much service and the go have a dance. I couldn’t help laughing at the part when.. she stepped on Alvaro’s feet during the dance. You can just feel the tension from Alvaro’s expression haha He says that he’s happy that she stepped on his feet actually…ドM  ? ( ゚д゚) Nahhh. It’s just bc they made a promise before that if she DOES step on his feet during the dance, she has to kiss him at the moment. Such a ドS he is, a troublesome ドS. I believe they are the worse. (´-_-`) Lulu runs away asking for forgiveness haha. ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ

WOFortune2FD_0008OK, so I’m done with Alvaro…DUDE took me forever. Man, I have a feeling that this blog is becoming a text wall…HAHA. This is why I migrated from Tumblr you see. (´・_・`) Wouldn’t it scare the crap out of you, if you saw this on Tumblr??? Well, anyways…Alvaro’s route was I guess really sweet. OH but not Alvaro. HAHA I mean sweet as in Lulu’s part. I just thought Alvaro was really troublesome with the hottest voice in the world (*´д`*) I guess this is a happy ending, I was somewhat unsatisfied by the end. BUT come to think of it, I AM ACTUALLY REALLY SATISFIED because I was expecting something worse. I didn’t think they would ever get as far as “marriage.” Even if it was possible, I didn’t think the FD will show us that so yup…very satisfied. Also, if you look at the CGs for the game, your guy will comment on them, so it makes it a little better as well.

And I’m thinking of changing my mind. I was going to originally finish Wand of Fortune 2 first, but I might just do it this way. After all, I only played one more character for the Wand of Fortune 2. I will post up a review for that one and then play the FD. Therefore, I can just complete that character. Also… I’m DEADLY curious about the FD. I don’t think I can endure it…Also, lastly…I was wondering if the text walls are too long? It got a little too long because I was putting in some scene/quotes that I liked and sorta commented about it. I appreciate any comments about it bc I just started blogging, and I’m fumbling around trying to figure out the best style for this blog. (・ω・)ノシ


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