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Wand of Fortune 2 – Alvaro

I actually did play this game a while ago. However, I decided to go back to it because the FD came out not too long ago. Pssst…I actually already played one of the routes in FD for one of the characters. I was a curious soul…_(._.)_ BUT this time, I’m gonna try to be a good girl and finish all the routes for Wand of Fortune 2 first…(。・・。)

So first up is Alvaro…I actually don’t know if I played him first or second because it was a long time ago (about a year ago)…I only played two characters and quit (Well…took a BREAK) after that because the system was wayyyy too TROUBLESOME! I’m totally okay with those choice systems only. But then once it gets to those “you need to collect these items” or “you need to get to this scene” before you get to the ending kinda thing…it bursts my BUBBLE… (´-_ゝ-`) It’s like I’ll do it later and notice that it’s been a few months or maybe a year…  I probably won’t go in too detailed about his route. I only went through his route to remind myself before I play the FD. Alvaro is…just UGH. (゚⊿゚) I do love his voice since his CV is Suzu (*’▽’*)♪ But his character…( ಠ_ಠ ) Not too much.

I actually think I was really looking forward to his route for this game because I actually thought there would be more デレ this time, but not really. Alvaro is friendly and social, but behind his mask, he has a lot of secrets. I was kinda attracted at that first, but mostly because Suzu. I just thought his personality is really troublesome. I think his Happy ending was to keep his parameters not too high and not low? Well, at that point, I had two choices to whether see the good end or the bad end. I got his bad end first  because I was like oh I’m sure this choice will give me the bad end, so what the heck LET’S GOOO. And so I did. Instead of Lulu following Alvaro as the war starts in the past, Solo-Mon takes her back to the present. Solo was thinking Alvaro was a weirdo since he says he likes Lulu. However, he asks Solo to do him such a favor. Alvaro says that Lulu has done everything he desired. Words, actions, her heart, everything was done right and how he desired. He says that it was the best “love” ever and something like it will never appear in front of him. He doesn’t care if she feels betrayed or even feel hatred toward him, but he won’t see that anyways. Even if she cries, yell out her hatred, or even try to hit him from anger, it will never reach him. He claims that he had obtained two miracles at the same time. He had earned “eternity” at the moment, but at the same time Lulu had lost her “eternity.” The “love” that occurred has now “stopped” and that’s Alvaro’s “eternity.” Then, in return for his favor, he killed Solo-Mon. Even if Solo-Mon wanted death, still…( ಠ_ಠ ) WAS REALLY ANNOYED THROUGHOUT THIS ROUTE… Something new, start with the bad end first haha.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0005Well, in the good end, Lulu is like NO I’m not going back without Alvaro and follows him. This happens if you kinda reject him when he pounces on her on the bed the night before the war. The bad end occurs when you accept him I think. Before I get into that, I’ll talk about his past. Lulu says how she never heard Alvaro talk about his parents, whether he has any siblings. He tells her that she’s special, so he’s gonna tell her. He grew up in a place where she would never imagine. It’s a place where it’s either going to be “heaven” or “hell.” If not, it’s a place you can either “win” or “lose.” There’s no such thing of a peaceful living, but it was very exciting. He had never experienced life like a normal person. Wake up in the morning, go to school, laugh with their friends, get homework, or eat a warm meal with his parents and sleep. He had never experienced such a living. He tells her that he smells good; she smells sweet, nice, and cute. On the other hand, where he grew up, it was as if it was filled with poison. A poison that is being absorbed in the hearts of people, like an invitation to the way of heaven as if it were a drug. While he was a child, the place was like heaven to him. He didn’t know who his parents were, but he was treated so well that they were like his parents with no names. No matter how Lulu sees things, that’s what was normal to him. He didn’t feel lonely because he didn’t have them in the first place, so why would it be. For example, at the time when magic didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be anyone who would be sad for not having magic. It’s the same thing, what’s normal to him is different from what’s normal to her. He was only there until he was 12 years old. There was a rule that everyone is to chose at the age of 12 whether they would choose a “pleasurable hell”-a place that is pleasurable, but will never obtain freedom or a “hell that’s free”-a place in which you’ll be free, but there’s a risk of life and death. Faced with the two choices, Alvaro chose “freedom.” When I heard about his past, I guess I was a bit (´・д・`) but still got annoyed haha I was rooting for Lulu the whole time. You go get him and maybe should go bitch slap him a few times.

Anyways, she follows him and are found by the army of the opposing group. There, they meet Beatrice (appearance of Vania-sensei). She asks if Alvaro wants to work for her. He says he would agree if they let go of Lulu. However, Lulu is like, “NO, I won’t leave Alvaro because he is my bf and I don’t wanna leave the person I like…” Alvaro and Beatrice is like, “は…?” and Alvaro just laughs it off. Now, since the negotiation won’t be put in action, Beatrice tells her to use her powers for her. Meanwhile, Beatrice’s son Linus (appearance of Ivan-sensei) comes and help Lulu out because it turns out that Lulu had once saved him. So now, she’s appointed as Linus’s caretaker. It is soooo weird to see a Linus with Ivan- sensei’s face acting like a child since he’s suppose to be Vania sensei’s brother haha.

So one night, Lulu and Alvaro has a little chit-chat. Lulu was asks if his words of “like” and the “love” that started was a lie. Alvaro says that it was a lie and asks if she would be satisfied then. However, Lulu insists there were both truth and lies to his words. She claims that it’s not a lie when he said he likes her. Even though it might be a different “like” from hers, but it was the truth. (´・д・`) But what Alvaro wants from her is not the words of “like.” Now Alvaro claims that it seems that Lulu wants to make him a liar no matter what. Then, she asks why he tried to stay in the past by himself. He wanted “her” and that Lulu could have been “eternal.” What meaning is there if he was gonna be alone again. Alvaro asks her if she believes in “eternity.” Lulu answers thats she wants to believe because it would be…more beautiful, Alvaro answers… He has wondered how it would be amazing if he had the same feeling forever. He wanted to stop time when he feels the best and die at that moment. All the fun, joy, it will be buried by the daily life too soon. Then, he would realize that they’re nothing. Everything that used to be fun becomes ridiculous and meaningless. Every time that happens, he becomes even more disappointed that there is nothing that’s actually interesting in the world, that there is nothing that can really intrigue him. Lulu would then say that he always looked like he was having fun and if that was all a lie too. Alvaro does agree that he was having fun, but he also says that he can still kill her after they have laughed together…(#゚Д゚)イライラ He realizes, “What’s so fun about this?” all of a sudden. Everything disappears from inside and nothing stays, but he still doesn’t like boredom so he keeps searching for excitement. It goes on and on like that. Basically, he wanted her to say that she likes him and accept him that night he pounced on her. If she does, the “romance” would be complete. If Lulu goes back with that feeling, the “romance” inside Alvaro, Lulu will never change and continue on as is. ( ಠ_ಠ ) BOY, he’s messed up… Well, so I guess he doesn’t believe in eternity to begin with, so he tried to make it true by doing this to Lulu.

So, they end they’re little chit-chat. In addition, Alvaro tells her to not to get involved with Linus too much. Now Linus wants her to leave with him to obtain freedom, and have a normal life. He takes Lulu’s compact back for her and take her outside with him. She tells him that they should go back, but he doesn’t want to. Meanwhile, Alvaro catches up to Lulu and Linus. Alvaro tells Linus that Beatrice knows his identity. He attacks Alvaro before he can finish and Lulu is clueless. Linus shouts to Lulu to come with him, but Alvaro grabs her arm just before she goes to him. She couldn’t fling his hand away and Linus runs away in shock. It turns out that Linus grew up in a similar environment as Alvaro. They made him look like the actual Linus and trained him, then sent him to the palace. The real Linus was killed already and Beatrice knew that too. However, instead of losing her real son, it hurt more if there was no heir. Thus, she decided to use him instead. Since Beatrice felt that he might not be useful to her anymore and do run away, she told Alvaro to kill him.

WOFortune2_0006Next day, they find Linus. Alvaro gives him a choice whether he is going to continue the fake relationship as Beatrice’s son or die. Lulu tells him that running away won’t solve anything. Linus says that all he ever wanted was a normal life like the kids in town. Lulu hugs him as he asks if he’s not allowed to even wish? Lulu is about to say that it’s not true, but Linus asks why he left him alone even though he doesn’t want to be alone anymore…She says that that’s not true and hugged Linus real tight. Then, a fire birdie appeared out of nowhere and Alvaro is all ( ゚д゚)・・as you can seeee → Linus loses consciousness. FOR SOMEEE REASON, Solo appears out of nowhere saying that the birdie is a Somniala. (゚ω゚) Apparently, the birdie came from an egg that she was carrying that was from the trio ducks (appearance of Julius fan club) when she was told to give to Morgana. It is said that the birdie is born inside those who have a strong wish. Not just one, but once when all the strong wishes come together, it appears. Once the birdie is born, it appears in front of the person with the strongest and purest wish of them all- which chose Lulu. Lulu wishes for everyone’s happiness. Just a little, it doesn’t matter how much, but wish that everyone would have just have a moment that would fill their hearts. To prevent people from harming others, to take away the loneliness that causes them. To gain the heart to trust in order to live amongst others. She looks at Alvaro and wish that those who she knows and don’t, please give those powers to them.

WOFortune2_0010Solo is gonna go talk to Beatrice and Morgana to resolve the situation. Alvaro asks Lulu, “What the hell are you? Are you like the bird, being born from miracles?” She replies, ” Of course not…I was born from my mother’s stomach!” (※థэథ)∵.*.∵ No shit SHERLOCK. And then, Alvaro laughs like a weirdo that he is as he sits down on the floor. Lulu kisses Alvaro as she suggest that  she might not give him “eternity.” Alvaro is all surprised, Lulu finally says she that she likes him and suggest to fall in love with her. When she felt that Alvaro was  relieving his tension, she whispered to him that their love is gonna start here. They’ll start a love that no one can go against and an extra special “romance.” But then Alvaro still believes that the “love” will eventually end and that it’s meaningless if it does. He eventually gives up and just tells her to do as she wish now since it doesn’t look like Lulu is going to give up anytime soon.

WOFortune2_0003Lulu goes back to the present. Ofc, Alvaro is there with her too. Solo notifies her how Linus and Beatrice officially made an agreement and that he got something wonderful as a reward. Few days later after they return, she sees Edgar. He tells Lulu that Alvaro is being a weirdo as ever saying that he is going to leave the school soon and Lulu goes look for Alvaro. According to him, he studied most of the stuff and that it’s not as if he wants to be a wizard or anything. He questions Lulu why he’s not allowed to make his own decision for himself. However, Lulu claims that they’re a couple. But then, Alvaro claims that he never agreed on such a thing. For now, he does like Lulu, but she is also forgetting something important. He is a a murderer, he didn’t kill only because the people were from 350 years ago. He had killed many people in the present and questions if she is able to like some like that. Lulu says that even if she can’t forgive what he did, she doesn’t have the right to blame him for it. Even though it might not be normal to her, it’s normal to Alvaro. In the past world, even though people wanted to do the right thing, they were those who couldn’t do such a thing. Therefore, she’s not going to forget what he did, but if he does try to kill someone, she’ll only stop him. Even if that causes him danger, she’ll get stronger in order to protect him. She goes back to asking him if he’s really going to leave the school. Alvaro says that he’ll stay if she really wants him to stay with her, but Lulu tells him that he has to decide for himself. He tells her that he’ll stay, and that he doesn’t know for how long, but will stay by her side for now.  She pounces on him and tells him how much she likes him. He’s all sarcastic about how they have both returned each other’s feeling unlike Lulu.

Three years later, Alvaro left the school and has the habit of leaving as he pleases without a notice. Lulu is psychic or something, so she knows Alvaro is coming back even though he doesn’t tell her. They go to the cafe to have a little chit-chat, but all Lulu talks about is the gang and Alvaro is kinda dissatisfied.  Alvaro apparently came back because he saw her on one whole page of the newspaper that maybe it’s time to pay a visit. They walk back so that Lulu can make him some dinner. Along the way, Alvaro pulls her to an alley to do randy things with her. She tells him not to worry because she still likes him even though eternity is still far away. She tells him to give her a lot of kisses instead of words. While they kiss, she talks about this invention that Julius came up with. She tells him that she can see anything she like as much as she wants to see, where ever it is. Meaning… thats she’s been spying on Alvaro through that magic spell. Alvaro then says that he didn’t know he can have the best and the worst feeling at the same time. However, Lulu says she feels like that all the time. When Alvaro come back, she has the best feeling. But feels the worse when he thinks that he’s gonna leave again soon, so she tells her to stay longer this time.

You know… I was just reminded that he’s 23 years old…what a pedo…OH GAWD ╮(-_-)╭ Anyways, I guess there is some デレ in his route. However, I was still (・へ・ ) about his route because yeah the ending… I remember thinking if this was really a good end because well…didn’t seem so happy. Remember how I said I played one route from the FD? Yeah, it’s Alvaro so I guess you can say their ending was a little better because I think it was a sequel for this three years later epilogue? I USUALLY play my fave character, but I was too curious that I played his route first. I’m thinking of writing a review on Alvaro’s FD next before I forget the details. After that, I won’t review the FD until I finish this series. (・ω・)ノシ


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