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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Sakaki Eiji


Eiji-senpai is soo cool~ (*´ω`*)σィジィジ Hehe. Actually, he wasn’t my first choice…BUT I got distracted by his charm and somehow ended up playing his route first. (´ω`*)  He’s a third year and is the vice president of the student council. Senpai is basically the lone-wolf type of guy that’s not good with words and doesn’t really try to communicate with people. Plus, he usually has this scary facial expression (↑), so  he’s feared by many students.

 There are many rumors about him going around the students because of this personality.  There are ridiculous rumors saying  that he was raised by wolves. Really? Wolves? Other rumors include that he fought 400 times and never lost a single fight. Also, he beat up a bear with his bare hands. Bare hands… ∑(O_O;) The rumors make him sound like he’s not human yo. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ The rumors also has something to do with his past. Once he was involved in a fight when he was only trying to help another student from getting bullied. Therefore, he made a promise with the previous board chairman of the school that he will never get involved in fights. If he does, he’ll be expelled from school. One of the members said that now that Aya is the board chairman of the school, maybe she can get rid of the promise. She says she can if Eiji senpai would like that, but イケメソ★ senpai refused her offer. He says that it’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t fight them. And knowing Eiji senpai, the president also says that Eiji would never break a promise once made. Oh man, you too cool senpai~ (*´д`*)

But I’m assuming from the ↑ details, you can probably tell what his route is gonna be about. Anyways, before I get into details… From April to August, it’s just gonna be some daily school life thing. Life if you chose his choices, you’ll probably see many キュン♥points. At times, he’ll help you with your board chairman work and save you from a falling tree. How? By kicking it…( ゚д゚)・・There’s other scenarios depending on what kind of issues you talk about during the student council meetings, so it’s probably a good idea to search around after you complete all the routes. Some issues would be hidden in other character routes, so playing the characters only once won’t do. Especially, if you want to complete all the achievement in the game as well. Back to the route…

One day, student council mascot secretary Habasaki found an online site about how there are these people who are plotting revenge on Eiji senpai. However, the members decide to keep it a secret from him. Knowing  senpai, if they tell him, he’ll go have a talk to them directly ⇒ chaos. Aya suggest they find the culprit, and decide to search around Eiji senpai’s surroundings, to see if anythings odd or something. Aya starts tailing Eiji senpai home and wherever he goes. For some reason, this one day playboy Midou (student council general affairs) decide to come along with her. It’s a strange how they weren’t discovered, especially when there’s two people following him. They followed him right to his house, but ∑(O_O;) there comes senpai coming out of his house. It turns out that he was looking for his grandma because she wasn’t coming back from shopping. d’awwww (≧∇≦) This other day, Aya tails him again and  sees him with a girl. (´д`) Aya is like aww damn is that his girlfriend… Don’t sweat it Aya, it’s just his sister. She’s cute too, like brother like sister. They’re both good looking yo. While she was watching them,  Aya was discovered by Eiji senpai. He’s like why the fro are you here. And Aya is like uh….(   ´Д`)・・・Thank goodness his sister, Mayu interrupted by asking Aya if she would help her buy this limited edition strap. After they’re walking back and Mayu says she has this tv show she has to watch, so she’s going back first. She whispers to her brother that she made a chance for him, so do well. Too bad he’s like はぁ? (゚⊿゚) The next day he comes to Aya’s class to find her. Apparently, he came to ask her why she was there the other day. Senpai, your stare is hurting me~ You’re gonna burn a hole through meeee (´・д・`) So she lies, but apparently Aya sucks at lying. He says, “If you don’t wanna say, I won’t ask anymore. Aww senpai please forgive meeee. Senpai is getting more suspicious now…o(TヘTo)

KOISHIBA_0011Why is everyone so bad at lying though. (´・_・`) Eiji senpai is going to the neighbor town(?) to take his grandma to the hospital. Especially, Midou and Habasaki were the worst. They were like, ” Oh umm we feel like going there too.” It’s like what kind of feeling is that? ( ಠ_ಠ ) But they somehow were still able to tag along. Everything was going fine, but Eiji senpai needed to go somewhere else. Everyone is like OH GAWD WHAT NAO. And president tells Eiji senpai that Aya needs to ask him something, like an advice so at least one person can tag along. She accompanies him to grocery shop and since she helped, she’s invited to his house for dinner. So, Aya goes to senpai’s house wheeee  (o´艸`) I really like this part of his  route. As soon as his sister sees Aya, she tells mom to come quick because he brought a girlfriend for the first time. It’s funny how his mom comes running to see Aya too. Ofc senpai denies this. So, the three (senpai, his sister, and Aya) are having a small conversation while they wait for dinner. His sister asks her questions like why she became board chairman of the school and how she’s going to go to their school tour. She also says how it would be nice if Aya becomes her brother’s gf. She says how she’ll feel relieved if he had a gf like Aya because he’s always spaced out. Meanwhile, dad comes home and his sister says he brought his gf again. Aya introduces herself, but he’s not saying anything, so she start thinking that maybe he’s a strict man. But instead, he was like, “So the day has finally come… Please take care of my son for many years to come!” (※థэథ)∵.*.∵ His family is soooo cute ><

KOISHIBA_0012Now, the season for school tours have come. The student council have decided on something out of the ordinary.  They perform on stage, but Eiji senpai…似合わねぇ~  (・ω・`*) Everyone else is more understandable. But Eiji senpai, it doesn’t match you at all! haha. While he performs, Aya is like all love mode, thinking he’s the best on stage (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Aya then receives a emergency meeting afterwards with the student council members minus Eiji senpai. There seemed to be an update on the revenge plot site on how they’re gonna find someone close to him to take as a hostage, so they decide to keep a closer eye on who that person might be. After the meeting, Aya sees  Mayu, while she and her friends wait for the tour guide. While they wait, her friends are like, “You know the board chairman?” Mayu explains how her brother brought her home one day. KOISHIBA_0013Then, her friends went all fan-girl on her asking if she’s his gf. Meanwhile, here come Eiji senpai which is Mayu’s tour guide! Then, now Mayu’s friends get all fan-girl on senpai on how イケメソ★ he is and ask whether he’s dating Aya. He’s so cute when he blushes. (*´ω`*) And then I love how Mayu is like, “Nope. Too bad. She’s not his gf YET“←That’s very important. Her friends are all fan-girl screaming at them. So, the school tours ended with a success. Mayu is about to leave and kind of talks about how she feels that there’s someone following her these days. Aya tells Eiji senpai to take her home in case something happens. Then, Aya and the other members discuss about why they haven’t noticed before. They’re after her sister!

KOISHIBA_0014So, definitely Aya and Eiji senpai is really getting along now. Senpai helps her more with her work and go home together. He even gets worried when she talks too less and say that he doesn’t dislike her talking. (。・ω・。)ヘヘッ♪ It’s funny how she tells him that she’ll walk him home bc the whole revenge plot business. Since she keeps insisting that she walks him home, he lets her. But then, when they get there he comes back right out saying now it’s my turn to walk you home. This other time, she’s like roaming around near the direction of Eiji senpai’s house. She’s spotted by Mayu and they both notice that there seems to be this person following her around. Aya walked her back safely and seems like the person tailing Mayu had left. I don’t know why all heroines are stupid about these things. She decides to follow the culprit, thinking it will be good chance to find out some info about him. She follows the dude all the way to his house 0_0 She then calls Habasaki about the situation and yah she’s found out by the culprit. Just when the dude was gonna get his hand on her, Eiji senpai comes to the rescue~ He’s all panting seeming that he dashed like his life depended on it. He’s all glaring with his angry deep voice,  “What were you trying to do to her.” Stupid guy, he’s all I didn’t do anything YET. Way to goooo, now you’re dead. May you rest in peace…(*´-人-`)But then, Aya stops him before he goes all RAAAGE because of the promise he made about not fighting anymore. Just before the dude can run, the other student council members came and call the cops. おまわりさん、こいつです.

KOISHIBA_0054On the other hand, Aya and the student council talk about what they are going to do about the culture festival. The choices would be whether they would do something special or the same as usual. It is best to see both routes because there’s a CG for both. If the student council decides on something new, they’re gonna decide on doing a butler cafe. Here you would see senpai and Midou as a butler. It’s cute how since he’s a butler, he has to talk in this formal speech and ending with ~お嬢様. He’s so not used to it, so it looks and sounds awkward, but Aya is sooo blinded by love that shes likes it. When Aya says, that I like this look on you, but I like the normal senpai more. He shows a little smile, MAN Just get together ALREADY!  If the student council decides on having the usual culture festival, you get a fierce senpai saving Aya. I personally like this CG more because they have this regular cafe thing. But then these DQNs come and are like picking on the waiters and stuff, so they call senpai to help them with the situation. However, Aya buds in just before senpai can fix the situation and now she’s the target. They’re like telling her to come with them and do fun stuff with them. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Eiji senpai gets all mad and BAM on the wall with his fist, making a crack on the wall. The DQNs all run away because senpai is being scary as hell and I don’t think they would wanna turn out like the wall haha. That’s too bad…(๑´ڡ`๑)ハハッ♪

So everyone’s all relieved that the problems are solved, but things aren’t gonna be solved that quickly. It turns out that the dude that was caught wasn’t one of the members from the revenge plot. He turned out to be Mayu’s stalker.How gross…( ಠ_ಠ ) So then, they’re thrown back to the start again and Aya insist she walk senpai again. This time, senpai knows about the situation too. But he doesn’t let because he says that they’re after someone who’s closest to him that’s a girl. Aya’s like, “YAH, MAYU-CHAN! SO WE HAVE TO PROTECT HER!” He sighs and is like there’s one more person. YAY He admitted  the fact that she’s sooooo important to him. He’s like let’s get going and grabs her hand (〃ω〃) ポッ  Nevertheless, everyone agrees on sharpening their eyes on anything strange even more. Since everyone still thinks that the culprit’s target is Mayu-chan, they decide to walk her back taking turns. It’s cute how Mayu said she was gonna go to her brother’s school because it would embarrass her and there are rumors at her school as well that her brother is scary. However, they were like ehh about it until she says she’s gonna walk with her friend THATS A GUY. Then senpai was all FLINCHes and started asking her questions. Such a シスコン ahaha. During one of their mission to walk her sister back, Aya almost gets run over by a car. They get in this sweet mood because Eiji senpai saves her and asks if she wants to hold hands. Well, it was a joke, but I made her say yes please. (・ω<) He’s all surprised and says that he doesn’t mind if they do so as he blushes. I think they’re completely forgetting about someone really important in this picture. (゚ω゚) Mayu uses the she needs to watch this tv show trick, but ofc Senpai stops her because she’s suppose to be protected. Aya and senpai continue talking and makes that イチャイチャ atmosphere, so Mayu then again suggest to go back first. Haha I can’t blame her.

KOISHIBA_0020This other day, Aya was going to go home with the siblings. Then, a car comes screeching, waiting for the moment Aya and Mayu split up with Eiji. So they came to kidnap Mayu…Nah. They were after Aya the whole time. (Pretty obvious) (・ω・) So she got taken to this harbor and put on a ship. No she’s not getting sold. (-_-メ) This is where it gets all dramatic. Like you know those Asian dramas you see from time to time? The bad guys calls the guy and let him listen to her voice. Then, the girls says NO DON’T COME! and the guy runs over to the rescue to her place. Well, anyways, it’s night time now and senpai comes to the rescue. The plan is to use Aya as their shield while they beat the crap out of senpai. Aya thinks, if she’s able to run away…SO she jumps out of the ship. When she starts to regain conscious, Eiji senpai feels relieved and hugs her real tight and tell her never  to do anything like that  ever again. It turns out that senpai jumped in after her. Even after all that, the bad guys still aren’t feeling sorry about what they did. Instead, they say how Aya and the student council were trying to prevent his expulsion, but he hit me so he’s still gonna be expelled ハイ ワロス ワロス    (´-_ゝ-`) Then, they try to grab Aya, but she throws a punch at the dude.  GJ! (っ・д・)三⊃)゚3゚)’∴:. ガッ

Naru senpai uses his SPs to take them away. But still, senpai was involved in a fight and did hit someone. It’s stupid cuz Eiji senpai didn’t hit the dude, but the dude just got hit for getting in the way when he was going in to save Aya. They go talk to the previous board chairman and ofc he was off the hook this time because he didn’t do anything wrong. After the confrontation, Aya and Eiji senpai goes back together. It’s funny how student council treasurer Asagiri wanted to go home with them while the other members were telling them to go together first. They’re walking back and she asks if he gave her mouth to mouth because when she was regaining her consciousness after her dynamic dive, she felt a warm touch on her lips. Senpai asks if Aya if she wants to try…Too bad the CG looked kinda weird. Well, I thought it did haha. The night isn’t over yet though because he invites her to his house again since his sister and mom always tell him to bring Aya over. TOO BAD they don’t have a scene with his family now that they’re officially together. I bet it would be soooo cute 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+

KOISHIBA_0022Like I said, it’s really weird that the game ends in December. It’s not even a year and now they’re gonna have a vote whether if Aya is cut out to be the next board chairman of the school permanently. I went through the good end, sooo she did pass. Then, there’s a little more after that on Eiji senpai’s future goal. Like in high school, the teachers ask the students what they want to be in the future. Depending on that, they advise the student what and how they can achieve them. Aya and the members find out that senpai changed his career choice even though the exams are coming up. It turns out he wants to be a teacher! (゚ω゚) Everyone is surprised since his grades are always barely passing. One reason is that he’s strong, but probably not that smart. Another is that even though there are those multiple choices that he’s not sure about, he doesn’t even guess on those just because he didn’t know the right answer. Even though there’s 1/2 chance of getting it correct, he says that he doesn’t want any points for something he doesn’t deserve. Anyways, everyone asks him why he decided to become a teacher. He says that so he can be with Aya in the future. Student council president was so surprised that he had raised his choice of school to a higher rank JUST BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE WITH AYA~ He tells Aya that he’ll definitely come back to the school as a teacher and make the school a better place with her. Also, that he’s never gonna let go of this hand of hers so BE PREPARED. OKIES ♪ (*´ー`)ノ

KOISHIBA_0023After the ending, you get this scene where Aya is with other students for an off-campus learning trip. The students are fooling around and a girl almost falls off, so Aya tries to help her. But then, they still fall anyways. This other student that was there went to get help. However, the girl is still worried because even though someone does come, they won’t be able to get up the cliff. But Aya is like, “No worries! So let me hear your love troubles.” ( `・ω・´)キリッ Right NOW??? haha. It’s because before they fell off, the girl was arguing about it to this guy. Another reason why she isn’t too worried is because she knows HE’LL COME. At first, I was like what the, why would he come? I don’t remember the game saying, “-years later” so I was like whut ( ಠ_ಠ ) It took me a while and was like OHHHH maybe she means… Sooo finally, someone came and it’s Eiji senpai! Or should I say Eiji sensei. I’m assuming he’s a gym teacher because that’s how they dress. It fits him though. It’s kinda funny how he tries to save her first. Think about the student first! Youuu…haha. I mean he’s not like, “NO! I need to save you first!” But as a teacher, he should tell the student to grab his hand first lolol. THE END.


For the normal end, you can obtain this by skipping Eiji senpai’s scenes while you’re in his route. Like after the first round in playing this game, they ask if you want skip the scenes that you have seen before. If you do that while you’re in his route or any other character’s route, you should be able to get their normal ends. For Eiji senpai’s route, he still won’t be expelled. However, Aya is not gonna pass to permanently become board chairman of the school, but student council president will help you there and she’ll get another year. Remember the bad dudes that were after Eiji senpai? In this ending, they come back. BUT not to plan a revenge or hurt Aya. Instead, they become fans of Aya and calling her アネゴ (*’▽’*)♪ Eiji senpai apologizes to Aya about how he has to study for exams, so he can’t really go out with her that much. She’s actually a bit sad about it, but tells him that it’s okay. And all of a sudden, you hear these voices from the background telling senpai that she’s only saying that because anego is really nice. Making a girl feel lonely, is a a jerk! (゚⊿゚) Who are you to talk about who’s a jerk. Apparently, they’re there to protect her. If there’s someone who is trying to fool around/trick her, they’re gonna beat them up. For some reason, he fell in love with the punch that she threw at him at the harbor. WHAT A ドM…( ಠ_ಠ ) He says that her eyes weren’t normal. I guess her glare or something? and that it would be a waste to leave her as a normal person. She says that she’s not getting targeted by anyone so…But they insisted that she is AT THE MOMENT! They still haven’t accepted senpai as her bf… Like I said, Who are you to talk about senpai like that ( `皿´)キーッ!! Eiji senpai is all annoyed because then they can’t have a decent day with Aya, so they run away- ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ

KOISHIBA_0083Well, I was rather surprised that I completed his route first.I had a different first choice, but I’ll discuss that in the future post. I guess when I think Terashima Takuma, I think of Ittoki Otoya from Uta no Prince-sama. Like I knew Eiji senpai’s voice wasn’t going to be as high as Otoya or that would be awkward ahahaha. It’s just that since I don’t really hear his deep voice THAT MUCH, it’s like Terashima Takuma = Otoya ALWAYS. But this game definitely changed Terashii’s impression. I might not like Otoya’s voice as much, but I definitely like Eiji senpai’s voice. I thought his family scenes were really cute too. I think it would be a good reason for Aya to marry senpai just because of their family. Ofc Eiji senpai is attractive too. BUT his family are great too ^^b This game is actually pretty hardcore in some ways. It’s because of the difficulty in collecting the CGs…For this route, I’m still missing one CG. I was missing three when I started writing this. The thing is I did have the issues I needed, but I discussed it at the wrong time apparently. The other one is that you had to have the uniform policy + reg culture festival. The last one, I found out how you can get it, but I don’t know where that particular issue is, so I still haven’t gotten it. Still, there’s a couple of other CGs I didn’t post up, so it’s definitely still worth playing. I’m actually surprised how unpopular this game is and I think it receives more credit. This is one of the few games that I actually don’t mind completing 100% of the game. Next character is going to be someone cute and also have a mischievous side. (>ω<)ノシ


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